The American communication market is filled with numerous service providers. The competition in this market is very high. One firm has been able to beat all the efforts of its competitors by introducing services and products that are customer minded. This firm is FreedomPop, which was founded in 2011.

FreedomPop is among the top best internet, talk and SMS services providers and has its headquarters’ in Los Angeles, California. This firm was founded by Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols, who went ahead to be chief executive officer. FreedomPop partners with Mangrove Capital, DCM Capital and Partech Ventures in its market operations. It also utilizes technology from Intel, Atomico and Axiata to provide its communication services. Financially this firm has raised more than $109 million with $50 million Series C having been raised at the beginning of 2016.

In a recent interview with journalist Kavit Majithia, Nicholas Constantinopoulos a top executive at FreedomPop went ahead to reveal some of the top products and services that this firm provides in the communication industry. Constantinopoulos said that the firm currently offers free data to all its clients.This enables its clients to enjoy free internet services wherever they are. This firm also sells to its client’s mobile phones and tablets at a very discounted price. This is to enable their clients to easily stay connected. FreedomPop also offers top quality broadband devices that are cheap and offer flexible services to its clients. This allows their clients to access the internet on their broadband devices with worrying about the cost.

This SIM card can be used internationally in over 25 countries. The owners of this new sim card will also be able to browse the internet at no cost with extensive free data services this SIM card offers. The global SIM card has put FreedomPop in a much-admired position in the communications sector. Furthermore, this firm has reduced its communication costs. Now their clients can cheaply and affordably talk more and SMS more.

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