People around the world only buy goods and services after reading reviews. That is positive crowd-sourced reviews will matter a lot to the success of your company. In many occasions, buyers read personal reviews before their final purchases. This also involves trusts to any product or service they are expecting to get. That is the reason behind customer review capitalizing on many Savvy brands.

One of such Savvy brands is Fabletics. They have changed their marketing strategy so that they can meet their customer requirements. Due to that, they ended up making a profit of more than $235 million. This is strategy called LTV. People these days trust reviews more than a personal recommendation from someone talking to them face to face. This information is according to the surveys conducted every year.

So why are reviews influential? Reviews increase search ranking for your product. A single positive online review on your site or product has a significant impact. Such an analysis will make your brand to appear in Google’s Local 3-Pack. This will send your product to the organic, local search engines. Many people will see your product through reviews.

A positive review is one way of making money. Most buyers say that they will take the next step in the customer journey after seeing reviews about any product or service before taking it. If the reports are right, the customers will keep on coming back again and again. This is what the Fabletics is applying. With Kate Hudson on board, things are now better and better.

Hudson spearheaded and helped in upgrading Fabletics customer service department and came up with a new data system to ensure that they have correct inventory levels. That was done by improving communication skills and increasing priority. Due to that, Fabletics scored top rating given Better Business Bureau. This lead to improved customer satisfaction score. The survey was mostly done by taking data and working on it.

Apart from that, Kate Hudson also accelerated the growth of Fabletics by witnessing the partnership between Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group. Kate hooked up with this company because it had funding and experience in online fashion marketing. Availability of resources was also another factor. Many resources like marketing team, designers, experts and staff members would be shared instead of employing new ones.

Lastly, Kate Hudson changed how Fabletics handled its data when she stepped in. Today, Fabletics is said to be data-driven. The managers of Fabletics use data to determine what customers want from them. This data is mostly corrected from their social media platforms. Through the responses, Fabletics knows the quantity of product they need to make any inventory that they are going to design for their customers. According to Hudson, Fabletics uses high technology which allows them to collect data from multiple points and transmit it upstream for processing. From the processed data, Fabletics serves the responsible customer by matching them with their data and making a perfect outfit that is customized only according to their requirements.