USHEALTH Group is a health and life insurance company that operates out of its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Its sales and marketing arm is called USHEALTH Advisors. They have insurance agents in many states across America who sell USHEALTH Groups policies, mainly to those who are small business owners looking to buy insurance for themselves, their dependents, and/or their employees. They also insure many self-employed individuals. Read more at about USHealth Advisor

At USHEALTH Advisors they are focused on providing affordable policies to their clients. The policies are designed to be flexible so that they can be customized to fit a client’s individual needs. They have over 15 million customers in total across the country. Depending on the type of policy their clients buy they can be used for everything from major medical events to day to day healthcare expenses.

When it comes to income the average USHEALTH Advisor insurance agent can expect to earn a base annual salary of about $70,000 once they are established. This increases to about $132,000 a year once factoring in commissions and bonuses. Among the benefits that employees have reported while working for this company they say that the ability to sometimes work from home is an aspect that they love. They also report a flexible schedule as another key benefit of working as an insurance agent for USHEALTH Advisors.

When one is just starting out as an insurance agent at USHEALTH Advisors they can expect a great deal of support. They receive complete training in all the insurance policies sold by USHEALTH Advisors. This helps them confidently communicate to their clients about the benefits of the policies and how they can be customized to that client’s needs. They also get qualified leads from the company to follow up on and obtain sales from. Additionally, there are many cross-selling opportunities which increase the agent’s income as well as improving customer retention.

Another benefit of working for USHEALTH Advisors is advancement opportunities. Agents have the opportunity to take part in the company’s stock ownership program, as well, where they can build wealth and take an ownership stake in the company.

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