USHealth Group is a company that gives back. They are the parent company of USHealth Advisors. Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHealth Advisors, started a mission named HOPE. This mission has been impacting the lives of people throughout the entire world. The mission has been dedicated to helping a new person each and everyday. Some people that the company has helped is wounded warriors. The company even went as far as contributing to building a new home for a veteran who was taking care of his family. The company has also helped HOPEkids build another location for the organization. HOPEkids is an organization that is dedicated to helping the parents and families of children who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

In addition to getting this mission started, Troy has also helped many people around the world find their dream job. One of the newest employees who Troy has helped is Randy Hildebrandt. Randy is now the Satellite Division Leader of the company. Many years ago Randy wouldn’t have ever pictured that he would be here with USHealth Advisors. Learn more at about US Health Group.

Ushealth Group and USHealth Advisors has helped many people see what working at an insurance company should be like. Before coming to USHealth Advisors, Randy thought that he would become a professional baseball player that made millions. For Randy, that dream wasn’t lived long since he had to retire that sport early due to an injury.

After attending college and majoring in a field that he really wasn’t interested in, Randy unexpectedly began to work at an insurance company. That company was hours away from where Randy was living at the time; however. Randy decided o take the job anyway. Soon after working for the company, Randy realized that that particular company wasn’t for him, he kind of felt like he was just going through the motions.

Randy had the opportunity to meet Troy McQuagge, who explained USHealth Group and USHealth Advisors missions, and he was instantly interested. After speaking with Troy with consideration, Randy finally joined USHealth Advisors. He really loves his job! He is the newest member to HOPE and USHealth Advisors. Learn more: