SahmAdrangi, a 35-year-old investor, is the director and founder of Kerrisdale Capital, which was founded in 2009. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. SahmAdrangi started the company with a capital of less than one million dollars. As we speak, the firm operates with more than 500 million dollars. The company deals with short selling and research publishing. It has been dealing with a wide range of research activities while posting the findings on its website for third party reviewers.

Recently, Mr. Adrangi has diverted to more specific sectors that the company has developed expertise in. Biotechnology emerged to be one the interesting sectors that Kerrisdale chose to focus on. The mining sector has also been another area that Adrangi’s company has launched and is currently doing very well. Mr. Adrangi has helped companies like Lindsay Corporation through revising their policies on capital allocation on projects. This was due to Sahm’s experience having started his career in credit loaned by Deutsche Bank. Apart from business, Mr. Adrangi is a speaker, and he has addressed many conferences including Traders 4 a Cause, Value Investing Conference and Sohn Conference among others.

Sahm has also featured in the Street Journal, BusinessWeek and the New York Times among other major publications in the world. He once worked with Chanin Capital Management, which was a restructuring bankruptcy agency. He managed to advise creditors in the company and solve the 11th bankruptcy level. It was with great pleasure that he was assigned a higher working position in the company after helping many customers to understand their financial credit challenges.

Mr. Adrangi is a man who knows the importance of protecting the reputation of his businesses. He has mastered the art of building on his strengths and trying to minimize the weaknesses in his work. Sahm is focused and dedicated in his line of work always. He has managed to work in many companies, thus registering good relationship and partnership with them. Through his leadership and skills, Sahm has been able to motivate his subordinate staff to work hard to take the company to greater heights.