In today’s corporate world, executives, trying to to keep up with an ever changing global landscape, seem to change their direction, mission and staff as quickly as the direction of the wind changes. In direct contrast to this type of leadership style, Sheldon Lavin, the current chairman and CEO of OSI Group has held his course, colleagues and corporation in a steadily forward moving direction for over 40 years.

In 1970, leveraging his financial background and talent for obtaining funding, Mr Levin joined forces with Otto and Sons, then a small midwestern meat supplier and processing facility and lead it to become the global corporation, now called OSI Group, it is today. Currently employing over 20,000 people, 17 countries it has grown to be one of the leading food suppliers to the foodservice industry.

Mr. Levin’s vision, to grow the company and take it from a local to a world wide corporation has been with him from the beginning. Remaining steadfast and consolidating his talents within one company, he has lead OSI group one direction, forward. Rather than applying the latest trend or fad to OSI direction, he has kept its course unwavering. The discipline and consistency of Mr. Levin’s approach has been the rudder that has successfully directed the OSI Group through its growth since 1970.

Mr. Levin’s corporate vision is not the only place he apply his dedication. Fiercely loyal to his staff, the culture at OSI Group has a familial atmosphere. Mr. Levin challenges himself to keep open and active communication with employees. He is certain that despite his years of experience, he will learn something new from everyone. He enjoys his employees success and Mr. Levin is incredibly proud of his workforce, believing that their intelligence and longevity has been crucial to the success of OSI Group and will continue to foster the family oriented environment his employees enjoy.

While the styles and structures of the new global businesses are constantly in flux, Mr. Levin and his team at OSI group have also shown that loyalty and consistency can produce great results in corporate growth and “Levin Leadership Style” is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

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