Bruno Jorge Fagali is the Attorney to Call Upon

Persons who know Bruno Jorge Fagali are well pleased with the legal remedies provided by the distinguished Brazilian attorney. Mr. Fagali specializes in matters pertinent to Corporate corruption, as well as many other intriguing issues, of Brazilian law.

Bruno Jorge Fagali, started his legal career graduating, in law, from PUC/SP. The Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo gave, Bruno Jorge Fagali, the legal footing he required in order to enter the interesting field of law. The well-known Brazilian academic institution is also recognized by the name of: ‘Catholic University’. The University is a private, non-profit school. It is considered one of the most prestigious of Universities in the country.

Bruno Jorge Fagali provides his clients with legal services and remedies that pertain to Public Law; Anti-Corruption Issues; and Electoral Legal matters.

Bruno Jorge Fagali places his emphasis in the following areas: Bidding Regulations, Contracts, Regulatory Legal Matters, Urban Matters, Acts of Dishonesty as it pertains to Administrative Law; Civil Liability arising from the Law 12,846—“The Anti-Corruption Law”—2013; Civil Disputes; Property Issues—Expropriation Actions, and Injunctions.

Bruno Jorge Fagali, besides running his own legal practice, is an associate of the ‘Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics’. He is a member of the ‘Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics’; and is the Corporate Integrity Manager of the sb: An ad agency that specializes in Public Interest Communications.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is the attorney, to call upon, when wishing to attain legal advice, as it pertains to administering policy, in order to avoid corporate corruption as well as other pertinent matters—as suggested above.


CTRMA: Providing Traffic Solutions For Travis and Williamson Counties

Traffic: The one problem everyone hates, but, for some reason, it never goes away. Traffic may be a menace in most cities, but, in Williamson and Travis Counties that will soon be a thing of the past especially after the 19th annual Williamson County Growth Summit.



The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the body that is responsible for managing the traffic sector in Travis and the Williamson Counties. While their primary role is to build roads, there are other facts that people don’t know about, and they include:



CTRMA is an independent agency: Since its establishment in 2002, the organization has grown to $1.8 billion. Its formation was authorized after the passage of the law in 2001. It is independent and that means that they do not have taxing authority. 70% of the agencies revenue has been generated by the selling of the stocks and bonds. The other 30% is funded by the Department of Transportation in Texas.



Seven members manage the agency: The Travis and the Williamson Counties each appoint three persons to the board. The governor of the State then chooses the chairman.



CTRMA offers road assistance services: The team launched HERO- the Highway Emergency Response Operator. The agency has been able to help stranded motorists by providing water and other assistance. They have also participated in removing waste from the roads. The team also designed an app that will aid in reducing congestion. They also provide the residents with information on traffic and the right time to drive to avoid traffic buildup.



They launched the MoPac Improvement Project: The project will add express toll lanes in the North MoPac Boulevard.



CTRMA gives significant remuneration: The Executive Director of the agency is paid more than his counterpart in the Texas Department of Transportation inclusive of the compensation.



About Mike Heiligenstein



Mike Heiligenstein is the current Executive Director of the Agency a position he has operated in since 2003. He was selected from three finalists by the Governor of Texas. In 2009, Mike was named as a member of the Texas Transportation Institute Advisory Council.



He also serves as a board member for the Tunnel and Turnpike Association, International Bridge and the Envision Central Texas.



Mike has served as a public official of the State for 23 years: 15 years as the Williamson County Commissioner and eight years as a City Council Member of the Round Rock.



Mike has a Bachelor Degree and two Master’s Degrees.

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Anthony Petrello Is Known For His Perfected Strategic Solutions

Meet Anthony Petrello, the genius CEO of the progressive oil and gas servicer and equipment producer–Nabors Industries, Ltd., and you perhaps are meeting a leader that has a “mind on Steroids.” Naturally, the preceding is just descriptive, suffice it to say, Anthony Petrello’s cognizant abilities are very natural–if not downright impressive.

Anthony Petrello is the CEO and President of the progressive oil and gas equipment manufacturer; and servicer–Nabors Industries, Ltd. The company is in the business of providing its labor staff, its clients, and shareholders, the highest with regard to standards of excellence. It appears, when attaining leadership, within its organization; by naming Anthony Petrello to the post of its CEO–that Nabors Industries, Ltd., stayed true to form: that is, in providing excellence to its organization.

Anthony Petrello is not your average CEO–in fact, to many–there is nothing correspondingly ordinary about Anthony Petrello. His light “truly shines,” in his role as leader of Nabors Industries, Ltd. He is the kind of leader that sees opportunity in challenges: challenges that may have many average individuals “throwing in the towel.” However, there is no towel throwing employed by Anthony Petrello. His mind is incredible: his vision extra-ordinary.

Anthony Petrello attained two degrees in Mathematics from Yale University: One a B.S. degree in Math, and the other an M.S. degree in Math. Look at the statistics, as it applies to other leaders in the field, and even though their educational backgrounds are most impressive–few have attained two degrees from a world-wide noted Ivy League college such as Yale University. In fact, it is with, about 99.9% certainty, that most leaders in the field, attained degrees from well-run and trusted public Universities. However, Ivy League? Well, suffice it to say, this is impressive to many common and ordinary individuals; and supposedly, a good many of Anthony Petrello’s co-peers.

If two degrees in Math were not enough, the spirited Anthony Petrello, attained a J.D. from the famed Harvard Law School. Not a bad move: considering Harvard is well-reputed in teaching its law students to think like leaders. A good many of the Harvard Alumni too, go on, within their respective nations, and achieve positions of prominence. Certain instructors, are quite well-known, too.

Yes: Anthony Petrello, was making certain he had the best educational footing available. This type of thinking, certainly instills confidence in a company’s labor-force as well as within the community. It does not hurt to assure one has “all of his ducks in a row.”

Anthony Petrello is just as organized, in the way he approaches strategies as it applies to the oil and gas industrial giant of Nabors Industries, Ltd. Anthony Petrello, works in partnership with other leading oil and gas servicers and equipment producers, as it pertains to offshore and onshore drilling operations. He assures the latest and greatest technological upgrades are properly deployed.

Anthony Petrello brings the world leader Nabors Industries, Ltd., much in the way of a strategic approach–minimizing risk and increasing productivity. The preceding goal is the outcome to achieve–with respect to maintaining success within the highly innovative and competitive industry of gas and oil.

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Oncotarget: The Center for Accessible and Reliable Medical Research

Oncotarget is a medical journal that focuses on research in the field of oncology. The journal is published every week by Impact Journals. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution as an open access journal and is highly rated by the Journal Citation Reports. Recently, the journal started publishing papers on other topics like Neuroscience, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Metabolism, and Endocrinology.

The Editorial Team

Oncotarget boasts an experienced editorial team that comprises of the editors-in-chief Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, both from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Other members of the editorial board include Fredrick Alt & Arthur B. Pardee from Harvard Medical School, Carlo M. Croce from Ohio State University, Ronald A. DePinho from The University of Texas, and Alexander Varshavsky from California Institute of Technology.

Under the leadership of the experienced editorial team, Oncotarget aims at eliminating human diseases. With its free-access, the Journal breaks the barrier between medical specialties and makes scientific research widely and readily available.

Social Media Presence

In the recent past, organizations have started using the social media platforms to reach out to a wider audience. Oncotarget has not been left behind in these new developments, having opened Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus accounts. Their twitter handle is @OncotargetJrnl, their Facebook profile name is Oncotarget, and their YouTube channel is Oncotarget Journals. In all these social media platforms, they post content covered in their journals, both in writing and in videos. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals

About Andrei Gudkov

Prof. Andrei V. Gudkov is a co-chief-editor of Oncotarget. Being a professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Andrei serves as the senior VP for Basic Research in the institution, with an emphasis on gene & drug discovery for cancer treatment. He studied experimental oncology at National Cancer Center, USSR and Molecular Biology from Moscow State University, USSR. Andrei is a co-founder of Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.

About Mikhail Blagosklonny

Prof. Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is a co-chief-editor of Oncotarget. He is a professor at New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is interested in researches on molecular biology, clinical investigation, and cellular biology. Mikhail boasts more than 250 articles to his name as well as being an Associate Editor for several publications. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Cell Cycle.

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Highland Capital Management Among Top Investment Firms

Highland Capital Management is a comprehensive financial services company based in Dallas, Texas. For over twenty years, the firm has established itself as a leader in providing a wide range of valuable financial services to various investors. The firm has set itself apart from other firms by its expertise in managing credit and debt backed securities. With this type of service, Highland Capital has been able to assist a number of investors who are looking to use leverage to their advantage. Along with offering debit and credit backed securities, Highland Capital also offers a lot of basic financial products and services as well including hedge funds. It has a considerable presence worldwide with office locations in Singapore, Brazil, South Korea and New York City.

When the firm first began, it was founded by longtime finance professionals Mark Okada and James Dondero. The firm was initially a life insurance company that specialized in providing coverage with this particular type of policy. During the first few years of the firm’s existence, it would establish itself as a leader in providing quality life insurance to consumers. While it was very successful as a life insurance company, it believed that it would benefit by expanding to other types of financial services. As a result, the firm would begin offering more financial services in order to meet the demand of its current and growing client base.

During the years from 1993 to 1997, the firm would undergo some significant changes to make itself a more comprehensive financial services company. It would begin offering financial securities management for things such as hedge funds and private equity securities. It would also begin offering services such as asset management, wealth management, and general financial advisory. In 1996, the firm began offering a unique financial security known as collateralized loan obligations which would establish it as the premier debt and credit management firm in the industry. By the year 1997, the firm would be renamed Highland Capital Management. Nowadays, the firm continues to provide financial services to many clients such as corporations, individuals, government entities and pension fund investors.


Stem Cell Treatment – How Can it Save Lives?

Stem cell therapy is becoming more popular because this powerful treatment promises that dangerous diseases can finally be cured. What are actually stem cells? Stem cells exist in a human’s body from the embryonic development and last until the end of the life.

The biggest percentage of stem cells is placed in bone marrow and the blood of an adult person. One of the most common usages of stem cell is in lung therapy. Team of experts say that cell therapy for lungs is very effective and treat different types of diseases and disorders such as cystic fibrosis.

The Lung Institute is one of the best places where a patient can be introduced to this powerful cell treatment. From the very beginning, the Lung institute has fought hard against all kinds of diseases.

The Lung Institute realizes that many patients have different stories and come from a variety of backgrounds. According to the Lung Institute’s testimonials page, patients may have played sports in the past or have been involved with many different activities such as writing or reading books. While patients do have chronic lung conditions, the Lung Institute realizes that every patient needs to be treated with care. They also need to be treated in a unique manner because patients are not exactly the same. Treatments are developed for each patient to ensure that great results are achieved with stem cell treatment.

The Lung institute experts have a lot of experience in stem cell treatment in order to help their patients to improve their lives. The Lung institute also writes useful articles about their powerful way of treating lung diseases with stem cell treatment. To read the company review, go to

Helpful articles about stem cell treatment can be found on their blog here:

Helpful articles about COPD and lung diseases can be found on

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USHealth Group

USHealth Group Inc is located in Forth Worth Texas and is one of the big health insurance companies on the rise up. One of their mottos is they want to be America’s Trusted Choice for healthcare. One of the key benefits that a lot of customers like is that they are willing to work with families even on a limited budget. That is a major plus because they have plans to fit any families budget.

One of the key benefits is that the USHealth Group family insurance is very worthwhile as they help in the areas a lot of health care plans do not. They have a wonderful dental plan which is great for both individuals and families and is very cost effective for any budget. Their plan is called the secure dental plan. The other key benefit for families is that they have an awesome vision plan.

The vision plan is called Premier Vision, and this is designed for people who want to find the best plans for their money. It gives the customer the opportunity to choose the provider who will best fit their needs, budget and time. Here is the best part about choosing your provider for you and your family, they have over 70,000 providers to choose from.

All in all when you are looking for a health insurance company for yourself or your family, you want a group that has been tested and tried to see if they meet what you are going to need. USHealth Group Inc has been tested and validated because they have been in business for over 50 years and they have taken care of 15 million customers. With their affordable pricing and nice plans they are a company other health insurance companies are going to have to pay attention too. However the most important thing is they provide great service and value to their customers, and that is why people have health insurance to begin with.

Panel of Experts Comes Up with Actionable Solutions for Williamson County’s Traffic Problems


Many discussions on the transit industry in Austin region of Texas concentrate on the city. However, the Williamson County Growth Summit held in 2016, discussed ways to improve infrastructure and transport in the area’s suburbs.


The Panel includes the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s Mike Heiligenstein (Executive Director), Joseph Kopser (founder, RideScout LLC), Leandre Johns (Austin’s Regional Director of Uber Technologies Inc.), and Jared Fickling (Argo Designs). The discussion was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center.


Heiligenstein said that the Austin region of Texas needs to rectify transportation problems, mainly by constructing more and better roads, which is the only way to accommodate the transport demands of the continually growing population of the region including counties like Williamson.


Alan McGraw (Round Rock Mayor) said that Williamson had improved its infrastructure in the past 15 years, but they are expecting rapid population increase. Williamson should, therefore, keep expanding its infrastructure capacities.


Argo Design’s Jared Ficklin said that building codes and land-use codes should be more flexible. For instance, future parking garage levels will only be five feet tall, slightly taller than cars. However, this is presently not possible with the existing building codes.


Heiligenstein acknowledged driverless vehicles and their importance today. However, he insisted that more focus should be given to the expansion of roads because soon, Austin’s growth rate will nullify any mass transit improvements made.


Uber’s Leandre Johns said that commuters of Austin area need suitable transport solutions for when they travel to and fro the city’s mass transit stops. He added that companies like Uber could provide these solutions.


Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein heads Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as its Executive Director. The independent transit authority was founded in 2002. It intends to design a modern transportation network in Central Texas. Mike has been with the mobility authority from its inception, and he oversaw project 183A – its first project development. He is the president of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Presently, he is a member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s advisory board.

Why Securus Technologies Should Be Considered As Being a Company That You Can Rely On

If you are currently concerned about an individual who has recently been incarcerated and you’ve been unable to schedule an appointment during a time that you would’ve been able to visit them, then it is very possible that you may have an option that is available to you in which you will still be able to communicate with them in a “face-to-face” format. Securus Technologies has built an innovative program that enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they have capabilities of chatting with others via video chat sessions regardless of the scenario that they are in, which in this case, is one of the parties being incarcerated.


Conducting visitation schedules can be quite difficult for anyone who wants to visit a relative, friend, or significant other who may be incarcerated. However, it’s important to note that although the visitation may be difficult to schedule in which the visitor visits the facility physically, it is not impossible to have a form of communication conducted as Securus Technologies allows video chat sessions to occur between both parties by setting up the program on each computer. Certain correctional facilities has allowed its use and if you’re unsure about whether the correctional facilities where the inmate that you’ve been wanting to get in touch with allows it or not, you can visit Securus Technologies website to see the list that is available of correctional facilities that have activated the program for use in its communications systems. It had also been deemed as being a great tool to assist law enforcement departments in having crimes solved as they have been capable of utilizing the pieces of information that are transmitted in the chat sessions as evidence of crime existing. It is a program that helps all individuals to achieve goals that they may have.


Bernardo Chua Provides Wellness Worldwide

Bernardo Chua provides coffee and tea which are two of America’s favorite beverages to them with an added ingredient. That ingredient is Ganoderma lucidium herb which provides major health benefits.

His company is called Organo Gold. He started this company with four employees in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. He began his interest in health while he worked for Gano Excel which he brought plenty of aid in its success.Now Organo Gold is a multi-million dollar company. It also has thousands of employees. The fact that he helps provide all of these jobs aids our community.

PR News Wire reported that Bernado Chua has won several awards one of which is the Dangal Ng Bayan Award. He was also recognized for being an outstanding entrepreneur in 2015. Organo Gold was named the 55th company with the most sales in the world. He was named the Direct Sales Co-executive of the year almost 5 times.

According to ZoomInfo, Bernardo Chua’s business model is simple yet if applied it leads to success. He believes that hard work, determination, and knowledge of business are what is needed. Hard work toward something one loves will produce results.

The combination of that with determination and knowledge of business will help one to have their dreams come true. He also believes that direct sales are the best way to advance an idea and business.

He helps the community by teaching this to young men and women around the world using his OG Cares Foundation. Another way he helps our community is by educating people on the benefits of the Ganoderma herb.

He had a dream to use Ganoderma lucidium herb worldwide to benefit people’s health. He was able to accomplish that by first bringing it to North America. Its base is Canada which has strict procedures to adhere to before allowing consumption of products by people.

This causes people to feel great using the teas and coffee provided by Organo Gold. Organo Gold now has 1 million distributors worldwide. He has caused people to experience health wellness while drinking comforting coffees and teas.