Kim Dao recently decided to leave her temporary home in Japan and return home to Australia. She admitted before her move that staying in Japan was only temporary, and she is glad to be returning home. On her first day home, she went to a YouTube meet-up where she connected with several fans and other YouTubers. Learn more:



Plans for Arriving Home



When she arrived in Perth, a YouTuber friend, Lauren, picked her up from the airport. Together, Kim Dao and Lauren went to King’s Park to catch some Pokemon. It is a well-known fact that she enjoys playing Pokemon Go, so she made certain to include some time catching local monsters on her way home. Learn more:



After planning a lunch with her boyfriend, who Kim Dao admits works crazy hours, she planned to have dinner with her family. Of course, her friend Lauren was also invited. One thing Kim Dao is excited about when coming home is to enjoy local Australian food again. Though she already misses some of the food in Japan, she claims she had a specific homesickness for the flavors back home. Learn more:



Adjusting to the Seasons



One of the things Kim Dao believes she will take some time to adjust to again are the differences in seasons between Australia and Japan. Currently, it is summer in one country and autumn in the other. During her vlog, capturing her first day back in Australia, she makes a point to notice the leaves that are already falling to the ground.






Kim Dao has started her long journey back home, and she plans to do more traveling in the future. Ultimately, she plans to settle back down in Australia before continuing onward with her YouTube channel and her life.

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