Kevin Seawright took his education and his project management and accounting experience and turned them into an admirable career that balances his finance skills with his passion for improving inner city neighborhoods.

In 2015, Seawright founded RPS Solutions, a company that will increase Baltimore’s home-ownership rate by building affordable housing and connecting potential home purchasers with mortgage lenders.

RPS Solutions plans to renovate existing homes as well, which Seawright says will increase neighborhood stability. In 2015, Seawright appeared on the popular Larry Young Morning Show and told the host, “Well to be honest with you Larry we’re just passionate about home ownership in Baltimore.”

Also in 2015, Seawright worked for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) as an executive VP and the CFO. The Newark CEDC’s mission is to attract and retain businesses as well as encouraging real estate development, which Seawright’s previous experience in revenue planning and capital construction benefited the organization.

Otis Rolley, the person who hired Seawright, said Seawright’s skills and his work ethic impressed him, and that he would like to work with him again.

As VP of operations for Tito Contractors, Seawright gained experience with collective bargaining and personnel management policies.

Before joining the Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright was the deputy COO for the Baltimore Public Schools, the finance director for Baltimore’s Department of Housing and before that, Kevin Seawright worked as the COO of the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

According to Market Wired, working for the government and private enterprise has kept Kevin Seawright busy, however, he finds the time to further his education and support programs that benefit youth.

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