Austin Texas welcomes back one of their own. Jennifer Walden, Plastic Surgeon is one of the top surgeons in America. She spent time working and growing in New York. She helped other doctors as well as herself. Jennifer is a beautiful woman that appears on talk shows and in magazines. She discusses topics such as plastic surgery, wrinkles, botox, and now female surgeries. Jennifer has twin boys and loves spending time with them in her hometown of Austin. She now has her own surgical office and a satellite office as well.

Women are always worrying about their appearance and the way their bodies look. They spend hours at gyms, hours dieting, and much more time shopping for clothes that enhance their appearance. Some people call these women vain. These women are also worrying about their sexual appearance. While dating and with their spouses, women worry about the size and shape of their vagina. They worry so much that some of them put themselves through plastic surgery.

Some of the surgeries are causing controversial articles and unrealistic expectations about women and their vagina. In a recent article, Jennifer is debating the myths that go along with female genitalia. The shape of the vagina, the tightness of the area, and the reasons women want to have plastic surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation is important to women that are experiencing things like no pleasure during sex, or vaginal dryness. Plastic surgeons are helping by changing the shapes of the vagina and the female genitalia.

Jennifer Walden is making appearances on television on ABC and other talk shows. She is in a recent article in the American Airlines Magazine and appeared on Doctor 90210. She is well known in the medical community. Jennifer fights for what she believes in and women’s health is one of the things she believes highly in defending. Jennifer is one of the top surgeons in America and is listed on many of the tops surgeon lists.