California is known for beautiful people, and many of them turn to the state’s best plastic surgery practices to get a more sculpted physique, a smaller nose, or lifted glutes. Dr. Mark Mofid runs a successful boutique plastic surgery practice in San Diego and also serves the surrounding La Jolla area. Because his is a boutique practice, the surgeon to patient ratio is very low, resulting in much greater attention to detail. He has gotten good reviews on Yelp for his care and emphasis on each patient’s unique needs. Dr. Mark Mofid understands that every figure is different, and the results that will look good on one patient may not work for another. Satisfied patients also recognize Dr. Mofid’s staff for their thoroughness and professionalism. Setara Moosa, Dr. Mofid’s practice manager and cosmetic coordinator, has over 15 years of experience as a cosmetic coordinator.

Dr. Mark Mofid is unique among the state’s plastic surgeons for his position on gluteal augmentation. He is a member of the San Diego County Medical Society and is board-certified. He is a staff surgeon at the Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University. All of this experience has given Dr. Mark Mofid the perspective to understand that bigger is not always better. He was the first to develop a more natural gluteal implant that follows the profile of a patient’s body. Gluteal augmentation has a negative reputation among both plastic surgeons and patients, but Dr. Mark Mofid’s successful pioneering in this field is helping to change these perceptions.

In a February 2014 cover article for Plastic Surgery Practice, Dr. Mofid makes the convincing argument that smaller, better-placed gluteal implants can achieve better results than larger ones, with fewer complications. Buttock augmentation is only just beginning to see widespread popularity in the United States, but Dr. Mofid predicts that it will soon become even more popular. His boutique practice is certainly leading the way.

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