Fabletics is certainly the brand to watch in the athletic wear industry. What five years ago was a tiny startup has grown into the leader in “athleisure” wear. The company has done over $250 million in revenue. Over 1.4 million people are members of Fabletics and receive a monthly outfit containing three pieces of athletic wear. Each month costs just about $49.95. Fabletics is known for its amazing customer care and members can exchange any item with ease.


So, what is the recipe for success? The CEO of Fabletics credits such a rapid growth to the use of the reverse showroom technique. This technique entails inviting customers into an online showroom rather than making them have to visit a physical showroom. Fabletics targets buyers that are already known to have a preference for online shopping. From the moment a person visits the Fabletics website, their customer experience is completely tailored to their preferences. It also eliminates the need for customers to travel to a physical location. Fabletics has just a handful of physical stores in select locations across the country.


The secret is in a Lifestyle Quiz that is backed by an algorithm build specifically for Fabletics. After answering a few questions Fabletics will build you a custom user profile. The questions are simple and contain things like asking how you like to work out, what outfits fit your personal style and where you like to work out. From there, the algorithm will build you a unique profile. This means that you will see outfits you are more likely to like. You will also receive specific pieces of marketing that are tailored to your likes and past purchases. This creates a unique experience for every single member of Fabletics


When Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics she had a vision for beautiful pieces of athletic wear that made women feel good about themselves while working out. From yoga to hiking, she envisioned having outfits for every woman. She wanted to have a line that could fit any fashion taste and style. Yet, she also wanted the high-quality workout gear to be affordable to all women. At around $49.95 a month, women can receive an entire outfit. Fabletics is even coming out with a line of athletic wear specifically designed for plus-size women.


If you want to learn more about Fabletics and build your personal user profile, the LifeStyle Quiz is on the website.