Fabletics was co-founded in the year 2013 by Kate Hudson. But, by the end of last year, the company had already made more than $250, in terms of sales. Being such a young company in an industry that only a few thrive, such success would make history. In some ways, the company is already competing with major brands like Nike and Lulu Lemon. And, at present times, they are threatening to take the space that Amazon that had, for a long time, comfortably taken. They threaten to take over this mogul online retailer.


One area that Fabletics thrives is in customer experience. The company knows that the customer today is riven by more than just affordability. They want to feel that person touch even when they are shopping online. Therefore, interacting with them directly makes them feel even more appreciated. Fabletics understands this and it is just what they give to their clients.


When you first start shopping at Fabletics, you are requested to take a survey that will make it easy for them to customize attires that match your lifestyle. They also employ a team of stylists and designers who recommend various patterns, colors, fits and designs that are in tandem with your needs. And you get to wear something that has been recommended by Kate Hudson, personally.


Fabletics is also successful as a result of its membership program. When you first visit Fabletics’ online store, they will ask you whether you want to buy and come back for more when you are ready or you would prefer to buy as a VIP member. No one will force you into becoming a members, but the perks of this program might just propel you to do so. There are so many benefits associated with being a Fabletics VIP member. First, you get items that are customized just for you. Secondly, is the crazy offers. You will discounts of up to $50 on your two or three piece attires. And, if you are member, you get loyalty points every time you shop.



Unlike most online retailers, Fabletics doesn’t ship orders to you unless you request them to. As such, it becomes very effective to shop with them. Not to talk of cost saving and time saving. As such, the membership program becomes an effective tool for reverse showrooming.


Fabletics is highly regarded for value. The value that you get with Fabletics, is comparable to Athleta, but comes at a much lower cost. The stitching is just fabulous and the fitting is to precision. Their attires don’t fade with time and also they don’t stretch. So, in the end, you end up getting total value for your money.


If you want to purchase anything from Fabletics but cannot trust your credit card information with online platforms, then you can always go to their physical stores. They have opened a number of physical stores in areas like Illinois, California and Chicago and have the promise of expanding.