Imran Haque is a medical doctor who has earned a lot of respect from those who know him. Dr. Haque specializes in internal medicine. A well-trained and board licensed medical doctor, Dr. Haque holds an M.D from the University of Virginia. He also earned his medical degree from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana) in Santo Domingo. Dr. Haque is currently based in Asheboro, in North Carolina.

Imran Haque practises medicine at Horizontal Internal Medicine, where he treats patients with various ailments. He has worked there for over 15 years, and his experience adds to his growing expertise in internal medicine. Not only is he able to diagnose medical issues, but he also performs medical examinations in order to find the right treatment for specific illnesses. Those who know him, especially his patients, laud him for being a caring and dedicated doctor.

Lessons from Dr. Imran Haque

Right from a young age, Dr. Imran Haque has always believed in the power of setting goals, and achieving them. The idea to start his own internal medicine practice was nurtured when he was still working for another practice. He decided to come up with a practice of his own, with the aim of offering his community the kind of medical services, which were not readily availed to them.

For Dr. Haque, bringing ideas to life is not easy. It requires diligence, hard work and a lot of research. He also believes in the power of networking with other likeminded people to bring his ideas to life. His network, for instances, comprises medical professionals, and institutions which can offer assistance whenever the need arises.

In his medical career, Dr. Haque has also found certain trends exciting, for example, technology. Over the years, he has found that integrating technology in medicine improves the quality of healthcare offered to his patients. Technology is also useful in running a medical practice, especially in data entry, record-keeping, and even referrals.

Another lesson which one could learn from Dr. Haque is that being kind to mankind is essential. However, you should not let others take advantage of your kindness and generosity.