Chaz Dean is known as the hairstylist to the stars and for his revolutionary haircare products called WEN. But people who have not had the pleasure to use his products are wondering what all the hype is around his products.
Who Is Chaz Dean?

Chaz Dean is the kind of beauty consultant that most people would want in his or her corner at all times. Dean’s eye–from the very beginning–was able to see people’s potential without batting an eye.

Chaz was not the type of young boy who looked up at the stars and believed there was no way to reach them. He, at a very young age, started to pay attention to people like Vidal Sassoon or Oribe. It was his natural talent and big dreams that got him to where he is today. And it is Chaz’s nature to want to share what he knows, which made him create Wen.

A Person Gives Wen A Shot

An article on Bustle detailed the experience one person had with Chaz Dean’s Wen products. The experience was only seven days, but many things happened in those few days.

One of the things that attracted this hair enthusiast to Wen’s products is that they were relatively cheap. And the all-in-one product covered all of her needs. She was also intrigued by the claim that WEN’s products were good for any hair texture.

This young woman has tried everything to add a little more bounce and shine to her hair, which is thin. And, on that first day, her hair looked a lot bouncier and shinier. The young hair enthusiast did not like that she had to use 16 to 24 pumps of Wen.

But her strange greasy reaction stopped after 2 days of using the product, and all those claims that sounded too good to be true turned out to be true. Wen is available on ebay (