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The role that IAP has played in the creation of Afghanistan’s Air Control Systems

IAP, which has been in operations for close to six decades now, is a premier contractor for the government. They are tasked with the responsibility of providing a variety of services to the federal community. IAp offer contingency, procurement support and also logistics. The company’s headquarters are located in Cape Canaveral Florida and have project sites in over 50 other locations from all over the world.

The company has been expanding their reach to different part of the world and taking part in other projects besides the government projects on Recently, they completed a project that allows the Afghanistan to take back control over their airways. The Kabul center was opened in July and it provides non radar and radio instrument flight rule. The center also offers visual flights over a specific area.

The success of the project was partially because of the air force contract augmentation program. With the program on Hoovers, the US government has partnered with the private firm to come up with the air control base. In addition to the creation, they will be dealing with installation and maintenance of communication equipment. The project was carried out with the assistance of subcontractors such as Mantech Communications and ATC communications.

All projects that are undertaken by IAP are normally successful due to a number of factors. Their track record in service delivery is so excellent that they have been contracted by the federal government time and again to assist with programs such as emergency extractions and others. Though Afghanistan is still very volatile, the team on have taken their time and taken the risks to deliver superior quality services to their clients. This shows their commitment to quality service delivery.

The company, which still has some workers in Kabul to make sure that the project is running well stated that the project didn’t come without its own set of challenges at One of these challenges is congestion because the air route is close to the flight path that is normally taken by planes traveling between Europe and South East Asia. The other challenge was the fact that due to the long war that has been going on, most of the infrastructure, include the airways, wasn’t working as it should.

IAP Worldwide takes a lot of pride in being associated with the progress. They state that this is just one of the many great programs that they have for civilians and which are meant to improve their global outreach.

Expecting The Unexpected: The Logistics Marvels Of IAP

Logistics can be an incredibly complicated and challenging field. It requires you to predict countless factors and to recover when something comes out of left field. For tasks of this caliber a trusted name is need. IAP Worldwide is just right firm to handle the frustrations of logistics. Located in 25 countries, its 2000 employees have handled some of the most difficult logistics and technical issues in the world. IAP has handled natural disasters and battlefields over the course of years without failure. They provide their services domestically and abroad with some of the best minds in the business.

Founded in 1960 in Cape Canaveral, Florida, IAP began as Pan Am World Services. IAP Worldwide tested over 2,500 launches including innovative breakthroughs like air breathing missiles and the manned shuttle program. This excellence in service continued over the course of 60 years. IAP has provided airport master planning, construction management, and even engineering services for its clients. Currently headed by Douglas Kitani, the company continues to advance forward in logistics.

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The work of IAP can be seen in its many recent examples of logistics service. In 2005 IAP completed Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System giving non-radar flight information to the country. The flight information services are handled by Kabul Air Control Center, a firm created by IAP to handle the tasks of maintaining the system after the firm leaves. Intending to expand the scope of the business, last year IAP purchased 2 business units from DRS Technology Inc. There purchased companies were then used by IAP to improve its engineering services.

In addition to offering logistics, IAP also offers engineering services to its clients as well. Among its 2500 employees are civil and aeronautical engineers who design the world’s finest flight systems and can easily handle the design issues that often come up when building infrastructure. This engineering talent is needed for that amazing feats IAP pulls off. IAP runs military installations the size of small cities and remote research laboratories producing groundbreaking discoveries. Only with the most advanced technical skills at their hands can IAP manage to pull this off as successfully as it always seems to.

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IAP Worldwide Is Specializing In Making The Impossible A Reality

There is a strong sense of men and women that represent everything IAP stands. A strong team of professionals with experience in global scale logistics is making the impossible possible. Their tailored ingenuity serves the customers, employees, and communities everywhere. They have over 2,000+ employees in over 25 countries. They meet the challenging demands of the public and private sector. They have the high level of skills to challenge the unexpected around the world. When you have a need for qualified professionals with experience in real world issues call IAP Worldwide for details on their superior flexibility.

IAP has built a reputation for over 60 years as a responsible and reliable market leader with expertise in disaster relief, overseas battlefields, and program management. Their objective is to exceed customer expectations. They adopt the clients mission as their own and are able to perform extremely well in the field. They operate from small cities, civilian facilities, remote laboratories, and more. More importantly, you get reliable tactical service at a moments notice. IAP Worldwide is set apart from the rest by meeting challenging demands. The issues that keep their customers on edge is the reason IAP team members are up every morning.

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They have a strong corporate responsibility to their customers. Success is not just how they treat their clients, but also how they meet their demands. The important people that have contributed to their story get the up-most gratitude. They have a conviction and passion about life events and causes that are unmatched by anyone in the world. When you need a small army or a power structure IAP is on the job. Their clients goals are their own and every mission is completed by the desired outcome of their clients needs. Visit the official IAP website for more details and information on their programs.

IAP has partnered with a diverse range of businesses across the country. This helps them add value to their services. A group of pioneering companies is the reason IAP exists today. They have been building a solid future since the beginning. If you decide to partner with IAP rest assured you’ll get the results that you need. They utilize government contract vehicles that allow them to share their experience with dedication to government defense, national defense, and global security. Visit IAP so you can become a part of their rich history and technologically advanced future for all mankind.

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