The Venezuelan government is currently under an investigation being conducted by police in Spain concerned with the country’s alleged involvement with Podemos, the leftist Spanish political party. The investigation suggests that Venezuela may have given money to Podemos, one of the largest powers in the Spain’s parliament today. The allegation is rooted in the discovery of a document featuring the signature of Rafeal Isea, the former finance leader of Venezuela. The paper suggests the possibility that the Center of Political and Social Studies Foundation received a donation of seven million euros from the government to go towards pushing the Bolivarian movement across the pond. At the moment, Danilo Diaz Granados read an article stating that the economic and tax crime section of the Spanish police are embroiled with an investigation into the possible illegality of Podemos’ financing. Still, Podemos denies receiving any illegal funding via the government of Venezuela in addition to Iran, and claim the contributions they have received are legitimate and that they are totally transparent, with nothing to hide.