Eli Gershkovitch is an influential individual in the beer manufacturing world. When growing up, Eli wanted to venture in to the law department and help defend people who were fighting legal battles. This passion for the legal department pushed him to enroll for a law degree in one of the leading universities in Canada. After his graduation, the businessman felt that it was important to go for a one year vacation before he could venture into the corporate world. Working as a lawyer can be very challenging, and the businessman wanted to get some time off the busy schedules so that he could explore the world.


Eli Gershkovitch chose to go for a European tour. This holiday transformed the life of the businessman for good (https://about.me/eligershkovitch). At first, the businessman was only interested in having a great time, but he realized something unique about the kind of beer the people in Europe were enjoying. Craft beer was not available in Canada, and this was the first time Eli tasted the drink. By the time he was leaving Europe, the businessman had chosen to spend the rest of his career life in the beer manufacturing department. His choice of career has never disappointed him (IMBD). Although many people do not understand why the businessman left his great career in the legal department, Eli says that he enjoys being in the craft beer manufacturing department.


Eli founded a company known as Steamworks so that he could come up with the craft beer Canadians were looking for. The name of the beer manufacturing company fits the kind of environment the beverage is made from. During its first year of operation, the successful company managed to produce only six years. Several years later, the organization has become one of the most successful in the country, and its beer has been sold to various parts of the globe. The company produces quality beverages throughout the year. Under the leadership of Eli, the institution has served the consumers in the best way possible. Eli’s passion for the beer has ensured that the quality of all the products in the company is not compromised.