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Bruno Jorge Fagali is the Attorney to Call Upon

Persons who know Bruno Jorge Fagali are well pleased with the legal remedies provided by the distinguished Brazilian attorney. Mr. Fagali specializes in matters pertinent to Corporate corruption, as well as many other intriguing issues, of Brazilian law.

Bruno Jorge Fagali, started his legal career graduating, in law, from PUC/SP. The Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo gave, Bruno Jorge Fagali, the legal footing he required in order to enter the interesting field of law. The well-known Brazilian academic institution is also recognized by the name of: ‘Catholic University’. The University is a private, non-profit school. It is considered one of the most prestigious of Universities in the country.

Bruno Jorge Fagali provides his clients with legal services and remedies that pertain to Public Law; Anti-Corruption Issues; and Electoral Legal matters.

Bruno Jorge Fagali places his emphasis in the following areas: Bidding Regulations, Contracts, Regulatory Legal Matters, Urban Matters, Acts of Dishonesty as it pertains to Administrative Law; Civil Liability arising from the Law 12,846—“The Anti-Corruption Law”—2013; Civil Disputes; Property Issues—Expropriation Actions, and Injunctions.

Bruno Jorge Fagali, besides running his own legal practice, is an associate of the ‘Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics’. He is a member of the ‘Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics’; and is the Corporate Integrity Manager of the sb: An ad agency that specializes in Public Interest Communications.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is the attorney, to call upon, when wishing to attain legal advice, as it pertains to administering policy, in order to avoid corporate corruption as well as other pertinent matters—as suggested above.


Karl Heideck and Litigation

Swarthmore College Grad Karl Heideck

What does it take to become a successful litigator like Karl Heideck?

At some point in life, disputes are bound to arise, and odds have it that you will be suing somebody or someone else will be suing you. This act of contesting a legal action in a court of law is known as litigation. Therefore litigation starts when a complaint is filed in court. Litigation process can be long and confusing, and can be a nightmare should you not have an experienced litigator to “drive” you through the court process.

In simple terms, think of a “litigator” as a licensed attorney representing one side of a dispute against the opposing party in a court or an arbitration process. Normally a litigator must be knowledgeable and must have demonstrated his capacity by attaining at least an undergraduate degree after which they must pass a Law School Admission Test, before finally receiving a law license.

Karl Heideck is one of the best litigators, practicing out of the Greater Philadelphia area and has a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College. He is also a Juris Doctor from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. As an attorney who specializes in Risk Management, Litigation and Compliance; Karl Heideck has built a reputation in engaging in every aspect of the court process from the preliminary meetings with clients all the way to the trial of the case.

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Working as a contract attorney, project attorney and associate respectively in his career endeavors, Karl Heideck has demonstrated an exceptional ability in; investigating for facts, determining laws that apply to a case, obtaining information from party/parties to a dispute during the discovery process, and made efforts resolving controversy through negotiation. There is no doubt that litigators are vital in representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases and manage all phases of the litigation process, namely; investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. A party who is unsatisfied with the verdict made may decide to appeal to a higher court for a review of the proceeding.

Regardless of whether you are suing someone or you are being sued, involving an expert in the above litigation process can be very helpful. Therefore if you find yourself in a serious dispute, selecting a litigator is one of the critical decisions you should make. Opt for litigators with an established and excellent record in “driving” lawsuits through the court or arbitration proceeding with a goal of obtaining the results desired by the client. Karl Heideck is such a good example.

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