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CTRMA: Providing Traffic Solutions For Travis and Williamson Counties

Traffic: The one problem everyone hates, but, for some reason, it never goes away. Traffic may be a menace in most cities, but, in Williamson and Travis Counties that will soon be a thing of the past especially after the 19th annual Williamson County Growth Summit.



The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the body that is responsible for managing the traffic sector in Travis and the Williamson Counties. While their primary role is to build roads, there are other facts that people don’t know about, and they include:



CTRMA is an independent agency: Since its establishment in 2002, the organization has grown to $1.8 billion. Its formation was authorized after the passage of the law in 2001. It is independent and that means that they do not have taxing authority. 70% of the agencies revenue has been generated by the selling of the stocks and bonds. The other 30% is funded by the Department of Transportation in Texas.



Seven members manage the agency: The Travis and the Williamson Counties each appoint three persons to the board. The governor of the State then chooses the chairman.



CTRMA offers road assistance services: The team launched HERO- the Highway Emergency Response Operator. The agency has been able to help stranded motorists by providing water and other assistance. They have also participated in removing waste from the roads. The team also designed an app that will aid in reducing congestion. They also provide the residents with information on traffic and the right time to drive to avoid traffic buildup.



They launched the MoPac Improvement Project: The project will add express toll lanes in the North MoPac Boulevard.



CTRMA gives significant remuneration: The Executive Director of the agency is paid more than his counterpart in the Texas Department of Transportation inclusive of the compensation.



About Mike Heiligenstein



Mike Heiligenstein is the current Executive Director of the Agency a position he has operated in since 2003. He was selected from three finalists by the Governor of Texas. In 2009, Mike was named as a member of the Texas Transportation Institute Advisory Council.



He also serves as a board member for the Tunnel and Turnpike Association, International Bridge and the Envision Central Texas.



Mike has served as a public official of the State for 23 years: 15 years as the Williamson County Commissioner and eight years as a City Council Member of the Round Rock.



Mike has a Bachelor Degree and two Master’s Degrees.

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Panel of Experts Comes Up with Actionable Solutions for Williamson County’s Traffic Problems


Many discussions on the transit industry in Austin region of Texas concentrate on the city. However, the Williamson County Growth Summit held in 2016, discussed ways to improve infrastructure and transport in the area’s suburbs.


The Panel includes the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s Mike Heiligenstein (Executive Director), Joseph Kopser (founder, RideScout LLC), Leandre Johns (Austin’s Regional Director of Uber Technologies Inc.), and Jared Fickling (Argo Designs). The discussion was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center.


Heiligenstein said that the Austin region of Texas needs to rectify transportation problems, mainly by constructing more and better roads, which is the only way to accommodate the transport demands of the continually growing population of the region including counties like Williamson.


Alan McGraw (Round Rock Mayor) said that Williamson had improved its infrastructure in the past 15 years, but they are expecting rapid population increase. Williamson should, therefore, keep expanding its infrastructure capacities.


Argo Design’s Jared Ficklin said that building codes and land-use codes should be more flexible. For instance, future parking garage levels will only be five feet tall, slightly taller than cars. However, this is presently not possible with the existing building codes.


Heiligenstein acknowledged driverless vehicles and their importance today. However, he insisted that more focus should be given to the expansion of roads because soon, Austin’s growth rate will nullify any mass transit improvements made.


Uber’s Leandre Johns said that commuters of Austin area need suitable transport solutions for when they travel to and fro the city’s mass transit stops. He added that companies like Uber could provide these solutions.


Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein heads Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as its Executive Director. The independent transit authority was founded in 2002. It intends to design a modern transportation network in Central Texas. Mike has been with the mobility authority from its inception, and he oversaw project 183A – its first project development. He is the president of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Presently, he is a member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s advisory board.