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Jason hope: The Philanthropist Who Invests in the Future

The article “Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things” describes how device’s able to connect and sync with each other are the new future of our society, that the use of this technology will occur more often as time passes and will improve our everyday life such as eliminating waste as well as making everyday life safer.Jason Hope Scottsdale, AZ local believes in using technology in the betterment of society. Jason has made very substantial donations to SENS research foundation.

This foundation is currently researching Rejuvenation Biotechnology which in turn can someday help with Alzheimer’s, diabetes as well as other age related ailments. He whole heartily believes that one day people will be able to live well into their hundreds and be completely healthy able bodied individuals. He has a very keen sense when it comes to tech and if it will advance to a higher stage, which is why so many individuals and businesses listen to his judgement. He knows technology as well as the business world and how to get around them like the back of his hand.

Jason Hope Career has contributed many great things to the world already. He has helped many young entrepreneurs such as college seniors by giving them grants to bring their ideas to life. Jason knows how difficult it is to kick start a new venture or to get people interested in investing in your ideas. For this reason he has sworn to help any individuals or upstarts any way he possibly can, whether by financially contributing or using his connections in the business world. He also has made statements that he is always looking for new projects to endorse and support. He thinks that most of these young individuals have great ideas they are just not able to financially cultivate them. Jason is constantly creating new ways to use technology to help his community. He has stated that his purpose is to push forward and steer companies the right way to create cutting edge advancements in technology. Jason strives as well as contributes to the betterment of society and its future. Follow him on Twitter :

Fashion Trends In The Future Dependent On Technology

The fashion and the technological industry have simultaneously undergone some changes over time. In this case, fashion becomes technologically fashionable as technology becomes fashionable. According to Christopher Burch, understanding the past and present changes both fashion and technology has undergone might give a hint about the future.
The Past And The Present
In the 1970s a boom box was quite exciting to the users for some good reasons like its portability and the fact that it could be used to play music as well as recording. In the 1980s its popularity grew due to its improvement on the movie storyline but in 1990s people preferred using the Walkman after its invention. After ten years iPod became more popular than the Walkman.
The trend above shows that the popularity of something depend on what people considers fashionable. Fashion designers as well concentrate on producing the products that will deliver more. By using technology, they believe that great novelty standards and functionality can be achieved. One the Dutch fashion designers affirms that getting intimate with technology can reward abundantly. She is popular due to her modern designs where she designed a drink-making dress and a self-painting dress that is, DareDroid and Pseudomorphs respectively.
Looking Towards The Future
One of the fashion accessory designed using technology was a bike protection by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. The Airbag for Cyclists was a system to be worn around the neck, and it pops out anytime a danger is foreseen to protect the head from the impact of falling.
Another invented product based on technology is frontline gloves used by firefighters for protection where they would share critical information through gestures. The apparatus was developed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan.
Fashion designers such as SegraSegra and Emma Whiteside have embraced the use recycled materials in their creations. They both created amazing accessories using the recycled resources.
As demonstrated by Soledad Martin, it is possible to combine fashion and technology to produce energy. He understands that new clothes captures kinetic energy and can be used to power things such as a watch. Using the prototype, he developed a shoe which will be able to charge a phone when one moves.
Technology and fashion must work together to assist each other grow because the future of technology is leading to the future of fashion and vice versa. Therefore for tomorrow to be better, beautiful, and creative both industries must rely on each other.
About Chris Burch
Chris Burch is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital which is a firm that expresses innovative values as well as dreams for new markets through creativity. This leads to products and companies that have optimistic and long-term influences to the clients. Burch is an entrepreneur who has led to the rise of more than fifty companies. He gets to understand his customer’s behavior, and through his experience, he connects innovation to impact.
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