Billy McFarland is just 25 years old and has achieve a level of success most people can only dream of. Back in 2013 he founded the company Magnises, which focuses on providing a greater experience to wealthy millennials of the current generation. Magnises also offers a black card to its members, which offers them exclusive discounts at many different places around New York City and Washington DC.

Not only this, but the black card allows them to take part in special events, rewards, and even getaways for vacation. Individuals with an active social life will get the best experiences life has to offer by using Magnises black card, which will be coming to new cities in the near future.

Billy McFarland went to college to hone his abilities and gain more knowledge, but after not too long, he decided to drop out to follow his business opportunities and take advantage of the success his company Spling had achieved. Spling, which is an online advertising company, was founded during Billy’s time in college, which ultimately persuaded him to get into business once the company really took off.

The idea for Magnises and the black card came to Billy and his friends during one of their business discutions, where Billy was trying to find a way to appeal to wealthy individuals of the generation.

Billy McFarland followed on a similar idea to credit card rewards and perks and took them to the next level with the Magnises black card, which offers some of the best discounts, perks and exclusive access to events throughout its locations.

Magnises black card even allows individuals to link their bank accounts with the card, so they can use it at all locations to gain points and rewards as well as take part in year round discounts.

Thanks to the huge success Magnises has managed to obtain in a relatively short period of time, Billy has already been planning for expansions into new areas to bring these exclusive perks to more of the generations millennials.