One of the favorite pass times for people is going to the movie theaters. While home entertainment has become so advanced that people basically have a smaller version of the movie theater in their homes, there are still plenty of reasons to go to the movie theater to watch movies. For one thing, the screen at home is never going to be as big as one of the first run movie theaters. While some may argue about picture resolution and how the big screen can actually reveal the issues with the resolution such as 2K films, the fact of the matter still stands that the resolution of movies presented in movie theaters is still higher than that of most home theater mediums.


Of course the sound in the standard movie theater is replicated in the home with the right system. However, there are newer sound systems that can’t be replicated in the home such as Dolby Atmos. There are also other features in select theaters such as rumbling chairs. Either way, there are plenty of reasons to still catch a good movie in the theater. Of course, the typical movie theater does still have its disadvantages that are glaring.


One thing that movie theaters are missing for the most part are options for food. Fortunately, Manaira Shopping’s movie theaters have something beyond the standard popcorn and hot dogs. This movie theater actually has a full menu for a meal. They also have waiters in the theater come and take the order so that people can eat full meals as opposed to a tub of popcorn. They can also enjoy some really good drinks like wine.


Of course the movie theater is going to have all of the first run films. There is also the option of watching them in 3D for people who want a unique experience. Even though Manaira Shopping already has plenty of unique features, the movie theater is another unique experience to add to the inventory. Roberto Santiago has worked very hard to make sure that the mall offers a unique experience that can attract people of all income brackets to it.