The SweetGreen Story

Fast food is usually consider something we eat in spite of the potential impact it might have on our health. We chow down on fries, cheeseburgers, and pizzas no matter how salty or greasy they are. There was clearly a need and a want for something better, but no one was stepping up. This is when Nathaniel Ru came up with the idea of Sweetgreen. Focusing on healthy foods, Sweetgreen is a shining example of how to revolutionize the fast food industry.


The Green Revolution

Sweetgreen is a restaurant centered around salads and health. There are no burgers or hotdogs on the menu, but the customers are perfectly happy with this. Additionally, the menu is seasonally based, which means different dishes are offered at different times of the year. This not only keeps things refreshing, it also gives Sweetgreen the distinction of supporting its farmers. When fast food joints demand certain crops year round, farmers have to go out of their way to provide those specific vegetables for them. This can have serious consequences for environment and for the livelihood of the farmers.


The Millennial Touch

Nathaniel Ru is a Millennial and Sweetgreen is undeniably a Millennial restaurant. Even the way customers order their food is distinctively trendy. Thanks to the Sweetgreen app and website customers can order food online and simply pick it up when the food is ready. Adding to the Millennial touch is the star talent Sweetgreen deploys. Some items on the menu are actually named after and created by popular Millennial musicians. For example, there is a Kendrick Lamar themed salad called Don’t Kale My Vibe. Millennials want a restaurant that reflects their interest and culture. Nathaniel Ru understands that and delivers in strides.


Numbers Don’t Lie

The success of Sweetgreen is simply amazing. The restaurant has received nearly $100 million in funding from some of the biggest investors around. It currently has franchises opened in 40 locations across America. For his first effort at business, Nathaniel Ru is an amazing success. Most people do not see this level of success for the first business they open, but he has managed to pull it off. The restaurant business is a fairly stubborn one. When new ideas are tossed around investors tend to turn the other way. For this, Sweetgreen proudly stands out in a crowd of grease as a refreshing healthy alternative.