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Securus Technologies – Helping Build Safer Communities with the Help of Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the leading inmate communications companies in the United States and offers highly sophisticated and advanced crime prevention technology to the law enforcement agencies as well. The technology offered by Securus Technologies helps the law enforcement agencies to do parolee tracking and provide government agencies with data analytics and information management services. Presently, the services offered by Securus Technologies reaches over 1.2 million customers across the country.


Some of the services offered by Securus Technologies to its customers include video services, phone services, voicemail services, money transfer services, and more. These are the services that help the prisoners to stay connected to their friends and relatives outside and know what is going on in their lives. One of the primary aims of the company is to reduce stress from the lives of the inmates, and it does so successfully by offering many different types of communication services to the inmates.


One of the recent achievements of Securus Technologies is winning the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training. It goes on to show how dedicated the company is in offering fast, responsive, and attentive customer care services. Moreover, the company also released a web press release where it published excerpts from the many letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The company wanted to share with the world how Securus Technologies is changing the lives of the inmates as well as helping the law enforcement agencies to keep the communities safer. These days technology is playing a huge role in crime prevention and criminal justice field, and it is all due to companies like Securus Technologies.


I am one of the law enforcement officials working in Atlanta and know for a fact that crime prevention technology of Securus Technologies is really effective. It has potentially saved hundreds of lives and also helped reduce crime rate inside the prisons.



Why Securus Technologies Should Be Considered As Being a Company That You Can Rely On

If you are currently concerned about an individual who has recently been incarcerated and you’ve been unable to schedule an appointment during a time that you would’ve been able to visit them, then it is very possible that you may have an option that is available to you in which you will still be able to communicate with them in a “face-to-face” format. Securus Technologies has built an innovative program that enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they have capabilities of chatting with others via video chat sessions regardless of the scenario that they are in, which in this case, is one of the parties being incarcerated.


Conducting visitation schedules can be quite difficult for anyone who wants to visit a relative, friend, or significant other who may be incarcerated. However, it’s important to note that although the visitation may be difficult to schedule in which the visitor visits the facility physically, it is not impossible to have a form of communication conducted as Securus Technologies allows video chat sessions to occur between both parties by setting up the program on each computer. Certain correctional facilities has allowed its use and if you’re unsure about whether the correctional facilities where the inmate that you’ve been wanting to get in touch with allows it or not, you can visit Securus Technologies website to see the list that is available of correctional facilities that have activated the program for use in its communications systems. It had also been deemed as being a great tool to assist law enforcement departments in having crimes solved as they have been capable of utilizing the pieces of information that are transmitted in the chat sessions as evidence of crime existing. It is a program that helps all individuals to achieve goals that they may have.


Recent information on Securus Technologies exposing GTL for their misconduct

Securus Technologies has for a long time been known as a leader and a top company in the criminal justice and civil technology. The communication facility recently stated that they are going to release a series of information that should highlight the unethical behavior of their competitor company Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies has decided to expose multiple wrongdoings in a series of press releases. Securus will release other information about GTL over the next six months. The information presented is set to put a shame to GTL for its unethical behavior in how they conduct their business.


The recent information on GTL’s misconduct was in the way they worked with the Louisiana Department of Correction to provide phone services to inmates. During this time, records show that GTL adjusted the phones so that they could have extra seconds of durations for each call. The result was that anyone using the phone had to pay more for a short duration. Securus went ahead to accuse GTL of programming their mobile devices so that their rates are higher than that required by the law.


I find that GTL’s inflation of its call is a showcase of the nature of greed, fraud, and corruption in the company. It inflated the calls to get more cash from helpless inmates that wanted to talk to their family. The report goes to indicate that the kind of misconduct was not anything that happened by mistake. Company technicians tampered with telephone devices in a bid to get more cash. Lousiana taxpayers and people that have used the line have spent a significant amount of money with the overcharges.


While GTL is continually growing to be a dishonest company, Securus Technologies continues to offer the best services in the communication industry. Securus Technologies had to expose GTL for the wrongdoings and make things right in the correction industry.