Cotemar refers to a fully Mexican company based in the oil and gas industry. It offers various services that include maintenance and construction services, development of offshore oil fields and services like transport of supplies and personnel by special vessels, catering and accommodation. Cotemar has over 37 years of relevant experience in offering services to the Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).


Cotemar was founded back in 1979 to operate as a service company in the energy sector. It has since grown to become a top offshore services provider in Mexico’s oil and gas industry. Cotemar S.A. de C.V. established itself as a company that provides services strategically in two lines: Catering and accommodation, and special vessels operating in the Campeche Bay. Cotemar acquired the first vessels that are specialized in personnel transportation, maintenance and dive. In 1981, the company strengthened its position as a leader in the market by adding specialized vessels to its fleet for personnel and materials transport. In 1985, the company acquired it’s first-ever rig that provides food as well as accommodation services.


Cotemar has been providing services to Petroleos Mexicanos using its specialized vessels and in offshore oilfields to provide quality and safe services that will meet the expectations and needs of customers. The company offers services through three tactical divisions that integrate services that are highly specialized to match the different market segments. These are specialized maritime vessels services, accommodation and catering and construction, maintenance, modernization and engineering. Cotemar is constantly changing to expand its services throughout the oil industry chain value. It integrates process equipment and relies on highly skilled employees to ensure a high performing business model.

Construction and Maintenance

Cotemar focuses on innovating and modernizing processing centers and offshore rigs for its customers. It offers services from prefabrication and installation to commissioning operation. It is supported by dynamic positioning of semi-submersible rigs that are capable of moving quickly and in a timely manner from one oil field to the next.

Specialized Maritime Vessels Services

Specialized vessels in the company are used to transport lightweight materials, nourishment and personnel. The company has barges boats, vessels to fight fire and towing vessels capable of hauling large structures. Cotemar’s vessels are duly inspected and monitored to satisfy the highest standards in order to guarantee the safety of the people onboard.

Accommodation and Catering
Cotemar operates rigs and vessels that offer offshore catering and accommodation. It offers services that include laundry services, nourishment, bedding and cleaning of the common areas.