Cotemar is a Mexican company that provides Maritime services, Offshore Construction and Maintenance services, Petroleum services, and Specialized Ships. Cotemar’s primary purpose is ensuring that their services are of high quality and meet the expectations of their clients according to their website. A number of questions regarding this company will be answered in the following paragraphs:


What Service Does Cotemar Offer?


Cotemar specializes in the following services; Construction, Maintenance, Modernization, and Engineering. Under all these services, their primary focus is on; innovation, offshore installation, assembly and prefabrication. Others include marine support boats (offers transportation of personnel, light materials, and food offshore), barges (transport large equipment overseas), tow boats, and fire-fighting vessels. Their ships are inspected, and the necessary safety measures are carried out on personnel and facilities inside.


What Does Cotemar do to Fulfill its Sustainability Obligations?




The company is known to practice sustainable operations scheme and increases environmental awareness and responsibility. All this is done through creating awareness to reduce negative impact geared towards ecological preservation.


Business Ethics


Cotemar is known to communicate its guidelines and regulations to support the values and transparency which guide the company. Also, the company is committed to sustaining environmental and economic development. A commitment that encourages the development of its people together with their families through health, education, equity, industrial safety, events and sports.


Community Relations


Cotemar’s aim is to become a social-cultural value, that creates job opportunities for the society, promote health, culture, and sports through social infrastructures and interaction.


What is it Like Working for Cotemar?


As an individual who’s aiming to work for cotemar, here’s a quick review of what some employees said about working for the company:


The majority of the enterprise’s employees claim that Cotemar provides a conducive working environment that sees minimal accidents occurring. Employees of cotemar are trained to take the right safety precautionary measures and also how to be responsible at work. The company itself according to its website says it is committed to its employees and provides them with exquisite food and accommodation. It also offers extensive off days to all its employees.

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