When it comes to Glen Wakeman he is far from having an unimpressive professional life. During his professional career, he has managed to of made a name for himself as being a very accomplished inventor, writer, mentor, investor and also an international executive. Wakeman has a huge amount of knowledge and practical skills thanks to the over two decades of experience that he has in both business and finance (http://www.glenwakeman.com/about-glen-wakeman/).


He was able to of previously worked in finance for GE Capital. During the time that he worked there, he had spent many years immersing himself and living abroad diverse cultures. One of the reasons that Wakeman has loved his career choice as much as he does is due him being so international in culture, this makes it to where he is more than able to quickly adapt to scenarios with great composure and grace. He also loves all of the many cultures that he gets to try.


The biggest role that Glen Wakeman is mainly known for is being the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, he proudly held this position until 2015. Currently, he likes to take all of the knowledge that he has gained and put it towards helping the next generation of executives. He hopes by doing this that he can help them to reach their fullest potential and be able to go on and take all of their budding companies to all new heights. Along with helping to mentor Wakeman also likes to create customized strategies and business plans so that he can help make sure that his clients are in the best position that they possibly can be in (LinkedIn). Though these are things that he finds challenging to complete he says that he also finds it very rewarding. That what he thinks he loves about it the most is knowing that he is passing on business skills and serious lessons in life that he learned throughout his many years of experience that he has had. When asked what Wakeman thought was the biggest part of his career his response is always mentorship, that he believes it is a huge part of where he has managed to be today.

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