Cotemar is a 100 percent Mexican firm committed to its mission of redefining the oil industry. The company offers comprehensive services related to the enhancement of the offshore oil fields, rehabilitation and construction services, and management of marine support operations. Cotemar has sophisticated vessels used for transportation of personnel and supplies. These ships also harbor restaurants and accommodation facilities.


Benefits of working at Cotemar


Cotemar prioritizes the integral development of its professionals and their families. It avails job opportunities that strengthen the skills of each employee. It organizes innovative workshops and implements training programs. Additionally, Cotemar has signed several agreements with Mexican-based colleges and global universities. Through these agreements, college students can join Cotemar as interns and research fellows. The firm appreciates the effort of its employees who work tirelessly throughout different time zones to implement company’s growth strategies. It invests many resources in creating an ideal work environment in both land and offshore workstations.


Strategic Lines of business


  • Sophisticated vessels and marine support boats: Cotemar transports workers, food supplies, and light materials using its highly specialized vessels. The firm responds to emergencies using its advanced fire-fighting vessels. It uses barges and tow ships to transport heavy and large structures. Cotemar ensures the safety of personnel and facilities by having all its vessels inspected by a qualified professional regularly.


  • Accommodation and catering: Cotemar prepares delicious dishes and offers accommodation services on its rigs and ships. Accommodation ships contain cabins that can host 2 or 4 individuals. They also contain entertainment rooms, gyms, and a basketball court. Cotemar strictly adheres to the highest level of safety and health control when receiving, transferring, and preserving food supplies.



  • Construction and maintenance services: construction, engineering, and modernization projects are handled using a specialized positioning semi-submersible rig that leverages its mobility feature to shift from one position to another. These rigs support large cranes used to build storage and prefabricated structures. Cotemar uses state-of-the-art mobile connection equipment to monitor operations and progress of all its construction and engineering projects. It also guarantees smooth operation of its construction projects by deploying specialists in construction, design, as well as structure adjustments.



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