In an experiment to find out if Wen‘s Haircare products really work, one woman uses their well known cleansing conditioner for an entire week. Her hopes were to see more volume and to be able to style her hair with ease. She has fine hair, which proves to be a challenge in the styling department. The first thing she notices is extra volume upon using it for the first time. In the middle of the trial, she decides that using it at night is not the best method- it’s so incredibly moisturizing that it can cause extra oils at the roots if you sleep on it overnight. But when she started washing and styling her hair in the morning, it was a huge transformation. Her hair had bounce, shine, volume and was so much softer. By the end of the experiment, her overall thoughts about WEN were positive and she could really appreciate the benefits.
Wen is a highly popular product line used by celebrities and people everywhere. Chaz Dean is a well known Hollywood hair stylist and creator of the Wen line( With a large variety of choices on Ebay for different hair types, each product holds benefits for your tresses. The cleansing conditioner is so desirable because it acts as a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment in one application, which is much easier than several steps. The experiment proved to be beneficial to the author of the article, so when will you try Wen? To see her amazing results, visit: