When you are an actor or an actress that is looking to make it in the world of acting, you need a voice that will represent you. That is exactly what you have with Nine9 Talent Agency. This is a company that has given a number of actors that are looking for their big break a chance that they might not have otherwise had in the world.

This is a talent agency that takes the talent from all over the country and helps them to get the chances that they deserve and that other agencies might not have otherwise given them. They have been making dreams come true since 2003 and to this day are still one of the best places for a person to go when no one else will give them a chance, from young to older, Nine9 has a range of talent that is in high demand. Some of their best success stories are as follows.

Cali C.

Cali joined the agency a few months ago and already is seeing a wide range of people who are asking for her on a regular basis. This is due in part to the fact that she has a smile that is second to none along with the fact that she is young and is just getting started in the world of Facebook.com/nine9dallas.

Lamar L

Since joining Nine9 a while back, he has experienced a large amount of success as he has been featured on Empire as well as on Chicago PD. Both of these roles gave him a sizable amount of exposure to help boost his career.

Jazmine G

Being an extra on the DIY network has given Jazmine a good amount of exposure that she might have never had without the assistance of Nine9. She is one of the more requested talent that the agency has and with her acting skills, it is obvious why.