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Nathaniel Ru Healthy Food And Great Taste

The success of Sweetgreen is something that has taken a long time to achieve. For one thing, there were obstacles that the founders had to face. One of the obstacles that they had to face was persuading a landlord to give them a chance with their new plan for a restaurant. Nathaniel and his friends have found a place that they wanted to use for the company. They have found that the landlord of the apartment building is the same landlord that is renting the place that they are staying in. They have tried to explain their concept for a while before she has finally decided to meet them in person.


After the meet up, they have finally begun to set up shop. One thing that could be said for these people is that they are very passionate about what they are doing. If the landlord didn’t see that, then someone else would. They had pages of business plans with one of them dealing with finances. Someone finally got behind them on the work they were doing. Eventually, Sweetgreen was born and it has proven to be such a success that it has been growing for six years.


The success of Sweetgreen has started with a vision. They have seen that there is a problem in the fast food market where there is hardly any place that is dedicated to truly healthy food. This is one of the inspirations behind the development of Sweetgreen. Not only was there a lack of healthy fast food, there was also a market for this type of establishment. There are a ton of people that are very happy that there is fast food that serves salads and other healthier recipes.


One thing that Nathaniel Ru does is help the community improve a lot in their health. People will have healthier bodies. As a result, their minds will also be healthier. They will be able to focus on what they need to get done so that they will be able to enjoy a more fulfilling life. Sweetgreen is definitely one of the best ways to a fulfilling life.


Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen: A Serving

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and co-CEO (chief executive officer) of an establishment known as Sweetgreen. Ru, currently based out of New York, is a principal player in the company known as SWTLF Ventures and is an investor as well. In fact, he reportedly has a total of four significant investment in four different companies. Before completing his education at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., he had already been inspired to create Sweetgreen.

Sweetgarden in what is known as “a fast casual restaurant chain”. The menu consists of “simple, seasonal, healthy food“. Their seasonal menu basically rotates a trio of local seasonal dishes in each individual market.

Ru, opened the eatery with his partners Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman in August of 2007. They had all graduated from Georgetown University’s undergraduate business school just three months prior to that. A major portion of their start-up finds came from their parents and they garnered additional investors as time passed in order to ensure that their business would remain open and continue to grow.

As this piece goes to press the now popular franchise had a total of 40 locations in the U.S. They are located in several different cities including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Baltimore. By the end of the year there should also be restaurants in Chicago and somewhere in Northern California. At press time, Sweetgreen is said to have more than 1,700 employees.

Critics and fans alike believe that the chain is now a “thought leader” in the restaurant world largely because of of both its efforts to be transparent and its supply chain. The above-mentioned rotating menu changes a total of five times each year thus enabling them to use 300 farms’ produce. The farms with which they do business use both conventional and organic farming methods including IPM or integrated pest management.

Furthermore, Sweetgreen uses only antibiotic-free, local, organic and RBGH-free cheese and produce. They only purchase poultry that is antibiotic-free, humanely raised, cage-free and fed a vegetarian diet free of any animal by products. They focus on using basic recipes with natural sweeteners (such as agave and honey) and natural flavors.

The restaurant chain’s executive chef is Michael Stebner. Stebner has been employed by Sweetgreen for over two years. Finally, Sweetgreen has their own smartphone app and even an interest in music as is evidenced by their annual Sweetlife Festival.