When buying a new car, most people are mostly focused on the car itself. They have usually spent a lot of time thinking about the make and model of the car that they want to buy. They also took the time to choose a car color that they can enjoy for years to come. Once they find the car of their dreams, they are in a hurry to buy the car and go cruising. In their excitement, people often rush through the details involved in their car purchase. One aspect often overlooked is financing. They take the dealers advice and go with his fast and easy no hassle finance plan and regret it later.


Car dealers are experts in human behavior. They are professional salesman who know how to read people. They no how to take advantage of an opportunity to make a sale. One of the things that a car dealer sells is financing. Few customers know that car dealers make a lot of money off of arranging auto financing. There are a lot of banks and lending institutions that are anxious to give car loans. These lending institutions are in fierce competition with each other to get the car dealers business. So, they offer incentives to encourage the dealers to use their banks for loans. The offer the car dealer a loan at a certain interest rate. The car dealer is free to add as many interest points to the loan as he wants to and keep this money as profit for himself. Unfortunately, the customer ends up paying for it all.


In many cases, months down the road a customer realizes that they are paying to much every month for their car. He may even find that these high car payments are affecting his lifestyle. Often, a consumer finds themselves in a position where they have to make sacrifices in other areas just to be able to afford to make their car payment. He often frantically says to himself “If I could just slash my payments things would be fine.” Fortunately, there is an easy solution to the problem: Refinance the car using the services of Ignition Financial.


Ignition is a company that specializes in auto refinancing. The will get their customer a new car loan at a lower interest rate. This will drastically reduce the monthly payments on the car and free up some extra money each month that their customer can spend on other things.