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How Fabletics Uses Data to Create an Individual User Experience

Fabletics is certainly the brand to watch in the athletic wear industry. What five years ago was a tiny startup has grown into the leader in “athleisure” wear. The company has done over $250 million in revenue. Over 1.4 million people are members of Fabletics and receive a monthly outfit containing three pieces of athletic wear. Each month costs just about $49.95. Fabletics is known for its amazing customer care and members can exchange any item with ease.


So, what is the recipe for success? The CEO of Fabletics credits such a rapid growth to the use of the reverse showroom technique. This technique entails inviting customers into an online showroom rather than making them have to visit a physical showroom. Fabletics targets buyers that are already known to have a preference for online shopping. From the moment a person visits the Fabletics website, their customer experience is completely tailored to their preferences. It also eliminates the need for customers to travel to a physical location. Fabletics has just a handful of physical stores in select locations across the country.


The secret is in a Lifestyle Quiz that is backed by an algorithm build specifically for Fabletics. After answering a few questions Fabletics will build you a custom user profile. The questions are simple and contain things like asking how you like to work out, what outfits fit your personal style and where you like to work out. From there, the algorithm will build you a unique profile. This means that you will see outfits you are more likely to like. You will also receive specific pieces of marketing that are tailored to your likes and past purchases. This creates a unique experience for every single member of Fabletics


When Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics she had a vision for beautiful pieces of athletic wear that made women feel good about themselves while working out. From yoga to hiking, she envisioned having outfits for every woman. She wanted to have a line that could fit any fashion taste and style. Yet, she also wanted the high-quality workout gear to be affordable to all women. At around $49.95 a month, women can receive an entire outfit. Fabletics is even coming out with a line of athletic wear specifically designed for plus-size women.


If you want to learn more about Fabletics and build your personal user profile, the LifeStyle Quiz is on the website.

Why Fabletics is data-driven

People around the world only buy goods and services after reading reviews. That is positive crowd-sourced reviews will matter a lot to the success of your company. In many occasions, buyers read personal reviews before their final purchases. This also involves trusts to any product or service they are expecting to get. That is the reason behind customer review capitalizing on many Savvy brands.

One of such Savvy brands is Fabletics. They have changed their marketing strategy so that they can meet their customer requirements. Due to that, they ended up making a profit of more than $235 million. This is strategy called LTV. People these days trust reviews more than a personal recommendation from someone talking to them face to face. This information is according to the surveys conducted every year.

So why are reviews influential? Reviews increase search ranking for your product. A single positive online review on your site or product has a significant impact. Such an analysis will make your brand to appear in Google’s Local 3-Pack. This will send your product to the organic, local search engines. Many people will see your product through reviews.

A positive review is one way of making money. Most buyers say that they will take the next step in the customer journey after seeing reviews about any product or service before taking it. If the reports are right, the customers will keep on coming back again and again. This is what the Fabletics is applying. With Kate Hudson on board, things are now better and better.

Hudson spearheaded and helped in upgrading Fabletics customer service department and came up with a new data system to ensure that they have correct inventory levels. That was done by improving communication skills and increasing priority. Due to that, Fabletics scored top rating given Better Business Bureau. This lead to improved customer satisfaction score. The survey was mostly done by taking data and working on it.

Apart from that, Kate Hudson also accelerated the growth of Fabletics by witnessing the partnership between Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group. Kate hooked up with this company because it had funding and experience in online fashion marketing. Availability of resources was also another factor. Many resources like marketing team, designers, experts and staff members would be shared instead of employing new ones.

Lastly, Kate Hudson changed how Fabletics handled its data when she stepped in. Today, Fabletics is said to be data-driven. The managers of Fabletics use data to determine what customers want from them. This data is mostly corrected from their social media platforms. Through the responses, Fabletics knows the quantity of product they need to make any inventory that they are going to design for their customers. According to Hudson, Fabletics uses high technology which allows them to collect data from multiple points and transmit it upstream for processing. From the processed data, Fabletics serves the responsible customer by matching them with their data and making a perfect outfit that is customized only according to their requirements.

Fabletics Setting The Pace for Fashionable Sport Wear in Online Retail Industry

Fabletics was co-founded in the year 2013 by Kate Hudson. But, by the end of last year, the company had already made more than $250, in terms of sales. Being such a young company in an industry that only a few thrive, such success would make history. In some ways, the company is already competing with major brands like Nike and Lulu Lemon. And, at present times, they are threatening to take the space that Amazon that had, for a long time, comfortably taken. They threaten to take over this mogul online retailer.


One area that Fabletics thrives is in customer experience. The company knows that the customer today is riven by more than just affordability. They want to feel that person touch even when they are shopping online. Therefore, interacting with them directly makes them feel even more appreciated. Fabletics understands this and it is just what they give to their clients.


When you first start shopping at Fabletics, you are requested to take a survey that will make it easy for them to customize attires that match your lifestyle. They also employ a team of stylists and designers who recommend various patterns, colors, fits and designs that are in tandem with your needs. And you get to wear something that has been recommended by Kate Hudson, personally.


Fabletics is also successful as a result of its membership program. When you first visit Fabletics’ online store, they will ask you whether you want to buy and come back for more when you are ready or you would prefer to buy as a VIP member. No one will force you into becoming a members, but the perks of this program might just propel you to do so. There are so many benefits associated with being a Fabletics VIP member. First, you get items that are customized just for you. Secondly, is the crazy offers. You will discounts of up to $50 on your two or three piece attires. And, if you are member, you get loyalty points every time you shop.



Unlike most online retailers, Fabletics doesn’t ship orders to you unless you request them to. As such, it becomes very effective to shop with them. Not to talk of cost saving and time saving. As such, the membership program becomes an effective tool for reverse showrooming.


Fabletics is highly regarded for value. The value that you get with Fabletics, is comparable to Athleta, but comes at a much lower cost. The stitching is just fabulous and the fitting is to precision. Their attires don’t fade with time and also they don’t stretch. So, in the end, you end up getting total value for your money.


If you want to purchase anything from Fabletics but cannot trust your credit card information with online platforms, then you can always go to their physical stores. They have opened a number of physical stores in areas like Illinois, California and Chicago and have the promise of expanding.

Fabletics Is Beating The Amazon Game

Many retailers today are struggling, and it is all boiling down to not being able to provide a customer experience that is relevant enough to today’s market. For today’s customer everything is all about value. They want the best value that they can get, no matter what. “Showrooming” is killing a lot of business. The value conscious customer will use a store’s physical location to check out a product in person, trying on the product to see how it looks, feels and fits. Once they have put the product through a thorough evaluation, they will surf online to see where they can find the product for the cheapest price.


Many fashion retailers are suffering loss of business through showrooming customers and the businesses who are surviving are catering to that customer, providing an online shop that gives them everything they need with a retail space that acts as a supplemental shop and an introduction to their online experience. One company who is doing this extraordinarily well is Fabletics. Fabletics started as an online retailer and gives their customer all the things the “new” customer looks for. Attractive memberships that ease the process of shopping, up to date and on trend options, affordable pricing that beats out other competitors draw in the online customer and keep them there each month.


The new showrooms that have opened in lieu of online success are localized shops that cater to the customer based on accumulated web data. Stores are stocked with merchandise that can be tracked to the likes and dislikes of the most local customers, ensuring customer satisfaction based on real time data. With a focus on customer satisfaction, there are new offerings made available and small test runs and tweaks always in process to see how to best satisfy the customer. Fabletics is about being a lifestyle brand and they like to deliver their customers a more complete lifestyle experience by streamlining what the customers want, encouraging their online members to try the activewear in stores, and giving them a way to sign up for the online membership in stores.


Fabletics is winning the Amazon in many ways including their reverse showrooming technique, but they start at square one by offering their customers a lower priced array of activewear that customers would truly have to shop around for to beat. Being a member lowers the customer’s price for the clothes, encouraging a monthly purchase. The fashion survey that VIP members take at the beginning of their membership queries their style preference and what kind of workouts they do. This allows the site to pull custom picks for them, and to design newer product for online and in the store that would already appeal to them based on their previous preferences. This is truly a “stylist” service that is coming very close to custom wear. The customers don’t have to think twice about shopping for their fitness wardrobe, as their custom picks are delivered right to their door, making more time for workouts.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is Coming Home

Everyone loves a great success story, especially when it comes from a hometown girl or guy. Dr. Jennifer Walden is coming home to Austin, and they could not be more proud of that fact. Her accomplishments are quite lengthy in a good way and they stand out. First, there is the fact she was named one of the top twenty four beauty surgeons in the United States. One must stop and think about how many beauty surgeons are out there to truly appreciate that number. If you ask Austin, they would say she is number one and if you ask others that have worked with her in the Manhattan area, where she used to have her practice, they would probably say she is number one as well.

In her line of work, people see her as a leader and someone they can look up to and learn from. Walden is always willing and able to help someone out. She remembers when she was starting out and trained with the best cosmetic surgeons in New York City. If she didn’t receive a helping hand, she would not be in the spot she is in today. She is well aware of that. Although, some would argue she would have found her way as someone with her talent, charm, and skill is not going to go unnoticed. Nevertheless, she is respectful of those that came before her and paved the way for her.

Many have probably read about her in many magazines or seen her on TV. She is world known, yet, at heart, she has always been fond of Austin and the lessons she learned while living there from her family and her friends. When someone comes home, it is almost as if they have never left. Her two sons will be right by her side along the way and she is only going to continue to grow and be an inspiration to anyone in Texas. Even though someone might leave, they are always able to come back and give back. Home will always be waiting for that person with open arms.

Just Fab Inc. Makes Timely Decision to Bring IPO CFO On Board

To keep a business thriving in a competitive environment, you need a market savvy leader with IPO experience at the financial helm. That’s why Just Fab, Inc. the startup that gave the fashion world companies like Fabletics and Shoe Dazzle, hired Todd Tappin, former CFO at Rubicon Project, as their new CFO, according to Tatyana Shumsky for The Wall Street Journal, Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience.

JustFab Inc. earned the business title of “Unicorn”, which means it is a privately held company worth more than 1 billion dollars. The company is in a great position to go public, but is in no hurry to be listed.

They can afford to take their time, as Just Fab is “in a strong position,” and the company’s “bottom line is strong as well,” according to Mr. Tappin. The WSJ blog goes on to note that “U.S. stock markets have been unusually cold to companies looking to list their shares.” so timing is important for going public.

Just Fab is a brand associated with gorgeous, affordable clothes, as well as celebrity spokeswomen. Actress Kate Hudson has helped make Fabletics a household word and the go- to line for active wear,and women everywhere await the delivery truck daily to get their designer shoe fix.

Last December, Kendra Wilkinson of the “Kendra” reality show attended the JustFab and ShoeDazzle Get Glam event. You never know which fashion trend setter will be wearing clothing and shoes offered by JustFab.

JustFab believes in giving back through charity through their JustFab Cares campaigns that support many charities including Race for the Cure, Dress for Success and Triple Step, according to the JustFab charity website.

TThe customer pays a monthly membership fee and gets something new delivered each month. Subscription fashion e-commerce is a hit with women who want to feel like a million dollars without spending more than their clothes budget.

Learn more about JustFab:

Fabletics is an amazing athleisure wear brand

Athletic wear is a growing industry. Millions of Americans exercise everyday, and they need clothing that allows them to comfortably exercise. Many other Americans treat athletic wear as casual wear, allowing them to stay comfortable around the house. The market is constantly evolving, but most Americans are looking for athletic wear that is comfortable to exercise, but is also extremely fashionable. Unfortunately, many athletic wear brands are focused on the functionality of their clothes, but they do not worry about making their clothing fashionable.

Clothing companies are constantly looking to evolve their styles, and several major brands are starting to roll out fashionable and functional exercise wear. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor have all started tailoring their line up to be extremely fashionable, but many of these products simply fall short.
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Fabletics on Pinterest
The Only Fabletics Review You Need to Read

Recently, Kate Hudson wanted a line of athletic wear that she could wear on a trip to the beach or the mall, but was also functional enough to use during her workouts. She recruited several designers, and she unveiled her new line of products. She declared this new line of products, Fabletics.

Kate Hudson is extremely proud of her new line of athleisure wear. The yoga pants, tops, and other outfits are all extremely comfortable and quite stylish. She loves working out in the gear, but she loves wearing the gear out in the open even more. Recently, Kate had an interview with Marie Claire in which she revealed several secrets about her line.

Women loved the outfits from Fabletics, but they wanted a dress they could wear out. Kate revealed a dress from Fabletics, and stated that she found the dress to be a natural evolution of the Fabletics brand. She believes this dress would be functional during a date night, and during a workout. Kate believes this outfit is highly adaptable and is proud of the work she put into the outfit. The Fabletics design team remains focused on making stylish and functional clothing, so people can easily transition from working out to hanging with friends.

Fabletics is an extremely popular athleisure wear brand, and Kate Hudson hopes the brand continues to grow for years to come.

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