This will talk briefly about an event including Stream Energy gaining a new member. It will also give brief information on Stream Energy. It’s a type of provider of connected life services and a lead direct selling company as well. Recently, a huge announcement had been made. Steve Fisher would be added to the sales team of Stream Energy (YouTube). This was announced at a launch for one of the newest energy markets. This was Illinois, located at Navy Pier in Chicago. This took place last weekend. The weekend included updates of the company, business training, personal development, and fun as well.


Fisher is known as one of the most triumphant independent Associates. He is also a founding leader of the direct selling arm of Stream. He has achieved the possible highest position inside the organization and has become of the highest earners. Before Fisher got the job at Stream he received a management role at American Airline, it was there where he became an airport operations analyst.


With Fisher’s position as chief sales officer, he will be overseeing activities. These such activities are in relation to the field operations in Stream like training operation. Also, he will join the new Senior Vice President of Stream Ryan Morris, who also is a top leader. Morris’s position also was declared at the latest launch event ( Morris gained the top leader remark by being known for in record time reaching the highest position.


Now, some general information about the company. Stream Energy provides home services that are protective, wireless, and energy as well. This company had been established in the year 2004. This company holds up to a total of 251-500 employees. This company had started with an idea that was innovative and simple. This was selling energy by using the voice in the crowded environment of the environment.