Troy McQuagge, the current CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc, delivered a humble speech at the One Planet Awards, after being hailed as the CEO of the Year’s Gold Winner. McQuagge has worked with the USHEALTH Group since 2010, where his management skills helped to restructure the company into a reputable corporation specializing in providing health coverage for self-employed and small business owners.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, the USHEALTH Group, along with it’s subsidiary partners Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance, have served over 15 million customers in it’s collective 50 years of business. With the goal of providing customized disease and accident coverage insurance, the company has sustained itself by offering innovative discounts in order to suit the needs of each customer. McQuagge’s successful business acumen furthered the growth of the company as he spearheaded the competitive market in individual health insurance with impressive profit margins and quality customer service, which led to him being elected and promoted to the CEO presidency in 2014.

In his acceptance speech at the One Planet Awards, Troy McQuagge quoted, “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition. In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”.

The prominence of the One Planet Awards honors businesses of every industry in the world. The selective process is not limited, as the awards program accepts nominations from all professional profits and non-profits, private and public organizations, whether they are start-up companies or are largely established entities. Among the executive awards, the One Planet Awards provide a platform of recognition for other areas of industry including products and marketing teams, as well as communications and public relation specialists. Follow USHealth Group on Twitter.

In addition to the accreditation by the One Planet Awards, USHEALTH Group, Inc was named among the Top 50 North American Call Centers of America in 2013 for it’s excellence in providing quality customer service, as well as being reputed by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ satisfaction rating.