Squaw Valley Upper Mountain area has been having some major water issues after a late rain storm in October. The storm lead to many problems with water and the purification of the water. After doing their water tests they noticed strands of coliform and E. coli in the water. They immediately reached out to the health organizations to come and assist with the fixing of the water problem. Word was immediately spread about this situation and guests were advised not to panic and that they were doing everything they could to solve the problem. At this time no quests were affected by or around the water because it was caught as quickly as it was. After several weeks/months of working on the water problem they are still not back to using the water but things have improved immensely.


After doing recent tests there has been a lot of improvement and things should return to normal working soon. The latest test results show that there is still some coliform in the water but are also show no signs of E. coli present. This means that as soon as the rest of the coliform is out of the water activities and water usage with return to normal. The experts nor the facility management have revised anymore test results since November. two of the camping grounds with will be able to use water but will also have water available to them by means of bottled purified water. Newer results should be available sometime in the near future.