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What to consider when getting a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure in Dallas?

Butt Lift procedures have been ideal for Dallas patients who want to improve the appearance of their buttocks whether it be saggy skin or the enhancement of the shape or size of their buttocks. The procedure is performed individually as its own surgery or in combination with other problem areas that the patient decides. Under their authorized surgeon’s advisement and approval, the procedure is performed under a licensed surgeon like Dr. Rohrich and Dr. Fritz E. Barton of Dallas in a clean and sterile environment in accordance to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, on patients that are in good health physically and psychologically. Plastic Surgeons want patients to refrain from smoking and excessive drinking. Patients with excessive skin, and that do not plan to lose weight in the upcoming future because they have hit their fitness threshold and are of a stable weight are ideal candidates for the procedure. Depending on what type of procedure the candidate is looking for a traditional butt lift could be more expensive depending on if you get a butt implant or fat transfer. The differences in cost for the procedure does also depend on what region of the country you’re in. Dallas procedures could range between $2000 to $10,000 which could be comparable to other regions. The cost of the procedure varies, so it is important to research for the best physician and their price points. Regarding health insurance, most providers do not approve these procedures for coverage unless determined as a medical issue. Research is recommended when considering any kind of cosmetic procedure and candidates should be knowledgeable of all aspects of these types of surgeries.


Pure Natural Shea Butter: One of Skin Care’s Best Kept Secrets

If you think that shea butter is merely a good moisturizer, then you would be wrong, because it is so much more.

Shea butter is rich in texture and how it sinks deeply into the skin, but it’s also naturally full of essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, D and E and other key nutrients.

If you’re looking to protect, re-generate and heal your skin, then reach for the shea, but not just any shea. Sadly, not all shea butters are created equal, so to speak.

Shea butter is made from the rich fat carefully extracted from the shea trees that grow wildly in Africa, with some of the finest from the northern region of Ghana. The shea are fruit trees that produce a large kernel or nut. The fruit is thin and tasty, but the magic lies inside the nut.

For generations, many African women have been taught how to properly and traditionally harvest these treasured shea nuts and then crush and boil them to extract the exquisite shea butter product.

Genuine, natural shea butter is usually of an ivory or pale yellow color and retains a very pleasant, nutty aroma. Like warm butter, it easily melts into your skin and feels luxurious.

The EuGenia Shea is one such provider of all natural, premium shea butter, getting its shea from northern Ghana and holding on to the long tradition of harvesting. Eu-Genia Shea founder, Naa-Sakle Akuete, has developed hundreds of economic opportunities for women in developing countries who help produce Eugenia’s shea butter.

The family-run company has a wonderful background in the shea butter business, starting with Naa-Sakle’s mother who established a similar business with raw, unrefined Ghanaian shea butter.

EuGenia Shea sells luxury shea butters that come packaged in small, colorful tins that are perfect for gift-giving and stashing away for yourself. The company offers customers shea butters in three types, depending on your need- Everyday, Pregnancy and Dermatological.

Gorgeous celebrities like actress Taraji P. Henson adore shea butter, especially for super soft feet. “I use the cream for my feet, and I put socks on at night.”

Should You Use Wen Products?

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen a few commercials advertising WEN hair shampoos and conditioners. The products are made from plants and extracts that strengthen the hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Several celebrities have endorsed Wen and claim that it has made a big difference in the look and feel of their hair. However, how well will the product work for you? If you’re thinking about purchasing from Amazon a Wen hair formula for the first time, Emily McClure’s Bustle review can help you make your final decision. Also see,

Emily tried Wen Hair Fig conditioner for a seven-day experiment, and says that she felt a difference in her hair on the very first day. She says that it takes quite a lot of product to truly improve the hair, but it’s well worth it. She noticed that she had less frizz and a lot more moisture in her hair. She used the conditioner for two more days and said that her hair felt thicker. On the fourth day of the experiment, McClure didn’t have time to use the conditioner, but her hair was still well moisturized. Since her hair was particularly oily from the conditioner, the curls she added to her hair fell before the day was over.

McClure’s friends even commented on how shiny her hair was at the end of the week. Overall, Emily says that Wen Fig conditioner is a great choice for women with thin hair who want to add more volume to their tresses. Wen hair is available on high end salons like Sephora.


Doe Deere’s Passion for Makeup

In recent news, Galore magazine sat down with Doe Deere in an interview. Doe Deere is a business woman who is known mostly for her bright and colorful makeup that has created a mini-empire of internet-based makeup. Does Deere offers bright hues as a new and innovative type of makeup that has people look and feel happy on the inside and on the outside. Though Doe Deere is a makeup specialist, she is also a successful entrepreneur who has presented her unique product to customers all over the world. During this interview with Galore magazine, Doe Deere discussed her interest in her business as well as the first time she ever became a true makeup enthusiast. Doe Deere was recently added to the list of successful female entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. As a result, Galore magazine was interested in learning about Doe Deere’s secret to a successful business and mini-empire.

During this interview, Galore magazine was interest in her brand name of Lime Crime. Doe Deere stated that the name was created back in 2004 when she needed an official name to sell her brand on eBay. The word lime was chosen because it was her favorite color due to the fact that it primarily represented a happy and bright color. Though the name may break a few unwritten rules when it comes to business, Doe Deere has not been afraid of breaking a few rules here and there. Not only has this name been great for SEO content, but it also stands out to the customers that are looking for makeup online.

During this interview, Doe Deere also went into detail about her reasoning for creating an internet-based product. Doe Deere stated that this was strictly for the benefit of the customer. As a businesswoman, she wants feedback fast and this has become the best way to receive feedback quickly. Feedback from customers has not only kept her humble, but it has also encouraged her to continue improving the products. Doe Deere has been constantly at work adding more products to the already offered list of bight colored makeup.  See more of what Lime Crime has to offer through their Tumblr feed.

Makeup and Beauty NewsHair Brushing Is Essential For Growth

Just about everyone has heard those old wives tales about brushing the hair. They firmly believe that daily brushing makes the hair grow faster. However, some beauty and hair experts believe that daily brushing damages the hair and might cause split ends. An article that appeared in a magazine claimed that brushing the hair in a certain way would make the hair grow faster. The magazine reported that one woman decided that she was going to test this theory concerning a way to boost the hair growing rate.

Boar Brushes
Of course, there were a few stipulations involved. The faster hair growth rate was attributed to using a boar brush. The fact is that most people do not use a boar brush. Boar brushes are a bit more expensive than the brushes that are available in the beauty supply stores or the corner drug store. However, they are thought to be gentler on the hair. Boar brushes gently distribute the natural hair oils along the hair shaft, stimulate the scalp, and produce a faster hair growth rate. At least, this is the theory. After two weeks, the woman truly believed that her hair did grow faster. One hair stylist believes that brushing the hair is a good practice. The scalp requires regular stimulation to keep the scalp healthy. However, it is best to avoid metal or wire brushes because they damage the hair.

About Wengie
Wengie is a Australian-Chinese beauty guru that shares plenty of tips and tutorials on hair, makeup, beauty, and fashion with her millions of followers. Wengie has been a fixture on YouTube for a few years. The Surprising fact is that the young woman left a high profile marketing career to enter the social media world. Her Wonderful World of Wengie Channel is a major success on YouTube. Wengie has attracted a million followers that look forward to her beauty tips and tutorials.

Wengie believes the key to her channels great popularity is her belief in making sure that her followers have the best experience possible. In addition, she believes in offering people, lots of new information and producing high quality videos.