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Jason hope: The Philanthropist Who Invests in the Future

The article “Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things” describes how device’s able to connect and sync with each other are the new future of our society, that the use of this technology will occur more often as time passes and will improve our everyday life such as eliminating waste as well as making everyday life safer.Jason Hope Scottsdale, AZ local believes in using technology in the betterment of society. Jason has made very substantial donations to SENS research foundation.

This foundation is currently researching Rejuvenation Biotechnology which in turn can someday help with Alzheimer’s, diabetes as well as other age related ailments. He whole heartily believes that one day people will be able to live well into their hundreds and be completely healthy able bodied individuals. He has a very keen sense when it comes to tech and if it will advance to a higher stage, which is why so many individuals and businesses listen to his judgement. He knows technology as well as the business world and how to get around them like the back of his hand.

Jason Hope Career has contributed many great things to the world already. He has helped many young entrepreneurs such as college seniors by giving them grants to bring their ideas to life. Jason knows how difficult it is to kick start a new venture or to get people interested in investing in your ideas. For this reason he has sworn to help any individuals or upstarts any way he possibly can, whether by financially contributing or using his connections in the business world. He also has made statements that he is always looking for new projects to endorse and support. He thinks that most of these young individuals have great ideas they are just not able to financially cultivate them. Jason is constantly creating new ways to use technology to help his community. He has stated that his purpose is to push forward and steer companies the right way to create cutting edge advancements in technology. Jason strives as well as contributes to the betterment of society and its future. Follow him on Twitter :

Brad Reifler: Serial Entrepreneur

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur and investor that is best known as the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital.

Reifler began his entrepreneurial career in the 1980s, founding the Reifler Trading Company that managed millions of dollars until it turned into a research and advisory service firm. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

It became one of the largest futures operations and was sold to Refco Inc in 2000. Bread Reifler is a financial services professional who is trusted around the globe and has significant entrepreneur experience. His next move was founding Pali Capital, an equity market focused firm that excelled at strategy and execution.

After 13 years, the company produced over $1 billion in commission, employed over 300 individuals and had offices in four different continents. Finally, Forfront Capital became Brad Reifler’s focus as he worked his magic in creating a highly differentiated product offering.

According to Bloomberg, Forfront is led by Brad Reifler and he has attracted many investment advisers, investment bankers, and business leaders to join the team. The firm focused on web relationships that form because of the Forefront community.

Members of the community include board members of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, a Nobel Prize recipient and presidential appointees. Brad Reifler has built his business and successes based on relationships, which he defines as his most important asset.

As a leader in the entrepreneurial and investment communities, Brad Reifler has built his career and companies into huge personal and financial successes.

Securus Technologies – Helping Build Safer Communities with the Help of Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the leading inmate communications companies in the United States and offers highly sophisticated and advanced crime prevention technology to the law enforcement agencies as well. The technology offered by Securus Technologies helps the law enforcement agencies to do parolee tracking and provide government agencies with data analytics and information management services. Presently, the services offered by Securus Technologies reaches over 1.2 million customers across the country.


Some of the services offered by Securus Technologies to its customers include video services, phone services, voicemail services, money transfer services, and more. These are the services that help the prisoners to stay connected to their friends and relatives outside and know what is going on in their lives. One of the primary aims of the company is to reduce stress from the lives of the inmates, and it does so successfully by offering many different types of communication services to the inmates.


One of the recent achievements of Securus Technologies is winning the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training. It goes on to show how dedicated the company is in offering fast, responsive, and attentive customer care services. Moreover, the company also released a web press release where it published excerpts from the many letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The company wanted to share with the world how Securus Technologies is changing the lives of the inmates as well as helping the law enforcement agencies to keep the communities safer. These days technology is playing a huge role in crime prevention and criminal justice field, and it is all due to companies like Securus Technologies.


I am one of the law enforcement officials working in Atlanta and know for a fact that crime prevention technology of Securus Technologies is really effective. It has potentially saved hundreds of lives and also helped reduce crime rate inside the prisons.