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Love your Home

Wild Ark is a Conservationist Organization that travels all over the world to help conserve the wild. They have a travel company that take trips all over the world to the wildest places. Some of the places are Alaska and Africa. The trips include a guide and education about the wilderness and how to help conserve the earth. Wild Ark was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson; two people who are determined to do all they can to save the wild. This company has classroom courses that are taken on location in the wild. The Hutchinson’s have a conservancy called Pride lands; located in South Africa.


In North America, Taos New Mexico is one of the top eco-friendly places to visit. It is a desert town that has built earth ships made of natural and recycled materials. These earth ships are solar houses ( collect their energy from the sun ). They also grow their own food and use rain and snow for water.


Yosemite National Park, California is one of America’s favorite sites. The hotel Majestic Yosemite, made out of granite rock. It has views of Glacier Point, Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. It is heated from the sun.


One of the best travel destinations is Palau a small country that has hundreds of islands, located in the Pacific Ocean. Because of its beautiful water it is a divers dream and have beautiful beaches. Palau has a conservation Society; which keep tourism at a minimum to protect the ecosystem.


Costa Rico has rain forests, national parks, and nature reserves. They have eco-lodges, and naturally heated rock pools for bathing. This is a very eco-friendly country. They serve organic food ( straight from the farm).


Kenya has has lots of wildlife. They have many national parks and preserves. Their organization Ecotourism Kenya protects Kenya’s natural resources. They have beautiful beaches with white sand and beautiful coral reefs.


These are just a few of the many conservation and eco-friendly places to go on our earth. There are so many more. We as a people must continue to help conserve our home.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Reaches 60,000 Subscribers

The research service of Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited simply crossed a noteworthy turning point. Presently, with 60,000 subscribers, the program is among the quickest developing newsletters in the venture business.

Mampilly is the former hedge fund director who worked with Wall Street for a period of 20 years with clients such as ING, Kinetics International and Deutsche Bank. In 2009, Mampilly won a venture competition prepared by the Templeton Foundation, transforming a $50 million investment up to $88 million for a 76% profit in the financial crisis height without reducing stocks.

Mampilly marked on with Banyan Hill Publishing previous year to begin Profits Unlimited with the objective of spearheading Main Street Americans into productive investment openings. As a major aspect of this wander, every month Mampilly suggests new stock within an eight-page newsletter that he sends out to his supporters. He refreshes them consistently with the model portfolio and at the same time tracking how the investments get along on his site.

Instead of doing capital investment for them, Mampilly’s endorsers purchase the stocks in their own money market funds, providing a technological alternative to conventional plans between his clients and the financial advisor.

Paul Mampilly is an investment expert, former hedge fund chief and the champ of the prestigious venture competition offered by the Templeton Foundation. His whereabouts have before been highlighted in various media such as Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Paul is the maker of the exceptional investment newsletter Profits Unlimited – the platform he uses his skills, experience and information being the former Wall Street insider.

The platform provides guidelines to over 40,000 endorsers into stocks foreseen to add value. Paul Mampilly has before overseen human administrations and biotech sectors having worked in expertise jobs of portfolio manager and analyst for key global banks, for instance, ING, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, and Mampilly.