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Highland Capital Management Co Founder Joins Business School

Recently, Highland Capital Management co founder James Dondero was named to the Executive Board at a local business school. He was appointed to this position at the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. His recent appointment is part of the expanded influence of James and his firm Highland Capital Management. Prior to this appointment, James and his company endowed the school with a program known as the Tower Scholars. With this program, a number of students will receive recognition for academic achievement. They will also be given mentorship and guidance to pursue future academic opportunities. The program also helps a number of students pursue professional opportunities as well. As a result, this program will allow students to more easily achieve their scholastic and career goals.

James Dondero is the co founder of Highland Capital Management. He has been running this firm since the early 1990’s and has established it as one of the leading investment firms in the world. Dondero looked to develop a company that would help manage the assets of large institutional investors. As a result, he founded the company to meet the needs of these types of organizations. In order to best assist these investors, Dondero offered a number of asset management service such as hedge funds, equity securities and also collateralized loan obligations. As a result of his assistance, many investors have been able to more easily and efficiently manage their money as well as increase their capital on a regular basis. James has expanded his firm to a number of international locations such as South Korea, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

Prior to becoming a finance professional, James would attend the University of Virginia. At this university, he studied accounting and finance which gave him a solid educational foundation in his field of choice. While at this university, James would excel and graduate with distinction of high honors. After completing college, James would enter the workforce and attain a position as a credit analyst for a finance firm. Over the years, he would advance his career and eventually get the position of chief investment officer. With his professional opportunity, James would manage up to $2 billion worth of assets for major companies such as American Express. Dondero would then found his own firm after working at this position.

Diversant Has Become A Big Name Thanks To John Goullet’s Leadership

It was back in 2010 that John Goullet was named the Principal for Diversant LLC, back when the company was actually formed. John took his former company, Info Technologies, and merged with Diversant Inc, to create one of the largest and most successful IT staffing and solutions companies in the world today.

John’s ambitions have taken him far in life, ever since he started his first company, Info Technologies, which became one of the fastest growing companies in the United States during it first few years running. He managed to built a net worth of more than $30 million, and provided services to a number of Fortune 500 companies. Today, Diversant supplies the leading services for staffing and IT, and are constantly innovating in the field to ensure they meet the demands of their customers. Under John’s Goullet’s supervision, Diversant is able to provide clients with the best matches for their personal needs. This is because John has always had a strong eye for spotting talent, and he always makes sure there is a good fit before moving forward. It is due to John’s expertise and ideology that Diversant has become a leading competitor in the industry.

John originally got into It consulting, but realized there was an even bigger demand on the staffing and solutions department of IT. After he had a strong understanding of the industry, John took to his own and went to find his own business opportunities, which brought him to found Info Technologies. He has also had an aim for high end companies and finding the proper talent to help them succeed and be more efficient.

John’s academic background comes from Ursinus College in New Jersey, where John studied for both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It was some time after this that he felt confident in his abilities and experience to stay up his own business, which he later expanded further by merging with Diversant. John insists that those who want to work for him or the company need to be strong willed to dedicate themselves to their work, and they must be disciplined and respectful to the rest of the company as well. John believes that being professional and using unorthodox methods will help the company achieve greatness.

Fashion Trends In The Future Dependent On Technology

The fashion and the technological industry have simultaneously undergone some changes over time. In this case, fashion becomes technologically fashionable as technology becomes fashionable. According to Christopher Burch, understanding the past and present changes both fashion and technology has undergone might give a hint about the future.
The Past And The Present
In the 1970s a boom box was quite exciting to the users for some good reasons like its portability and the fact that it could be used to play music as well as recording. In the 1980s its popularity grew due to its improvement on the movie storyline but in 1990s people preferred using the Walkman after its invention. After ten years iPod became more popular than the Walkman.
The trend above shows that the popularity of something depend on what people considers fashionable. Fashion designers as well concentrate on producing the products that will deliver more. By using technology, they believe that great novelty standards and functionality can be achieved. One the Dutch fashion designers affirms that getting intimate with technology can reward abundantly. She is popular due to her modern designs where she designed a drink-making dress and a self-painting dress that is, DareDroid and Pseudomorphs respectively.
Looking Towards The Future
One of the fashion accessory designed using technology was a bike protection by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. The Airbag for Cyclists was a system to be worn around the neck, and it pops out anytime a danger is foreseen to protect the head from the impact of falling.
Another invented product based on technology is frontline gloves used by firefighters for protection where they would share critical information through gestures. The apparatus was developed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan.
Fashion designers such as SegraSegra and Emma Whiteside have embraced the use recycled materials in their creations. They both created amazing accessories using the recycled resources.
As demonstrated by Soledad Martin, it is possible to combine fashion and technology to produce energy. He understands that new clothes captures kinetic energy and can be used to power things such as a watch. Using the prototype, he developed a shoe which will be able to charge a phone when one moves.
Technology and fashion must work together to assist each other grow because the future of technology is leading to the future of fashion and vice versa. Therefore for tomorrow to be better, beautiful, and creative both industries must rely on each other.
About Chris Burch
Chris Burch is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital which is a firm that expresses innovative values as well as dreams for new markets through creativity. This leads to products and companies that have optimistic and long-term influences to the clients. Burch is an entrepreneur who has led to the rise of more than fifty companies. He gets to understand his customer’s behavior, and through his experience, he connects innovation to impact.
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How to Find a Good Lawyer When You Need One

Whether you are dealing with a business dispute or other complex legal matter, it’s imperative to take the time to find a reliable lawyer for your particular situation.

If your legal issue is complicated or calls for considerable amounts of money, you may not wish to attempt to take on the entire situation without a legal counsel. Besides, lawyers or attorneys do more than give legal information. They provide strategic advice and apply highly developed technical skills to legal situations. Ideally, you will be able to come across a legal adviser who is willing to act as your legal coach in order to help you educate yourself to the maximum extent possible and to take over as your formal legal advocate only if necessary.

Once you want to employ the services of a legal representative, your next step can be to ask loved ones, associates, and other professionals you work with for referrals. Legal representatives that you or someone you know can be helpful even if their practice is in a different area. Legal professionals tend to know other legal representatives and most significantly, which ones are most reputable. The same can be said for Certified Public Accountants and financial advisors. Besides, much of their professional success relies on building these relationships since so much of their business comes from referrals.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian litigation lawyer and one of the best in the industry. Ricardo Tosto provides clients superior, proficient representation and strives to secure the best possible outcome in their case. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has significant experience handling a broad range of business and corporate legal disputes, and clients benefit tremendously from his knowledge and broad expertise.

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized world wide as a highly effective lawyer, especially as a business litigation specialist. Ricardo Tosto often addresses his clients’ cases individually, and when required he readily enlists the services of trusted co-counsel to help in the effort. Mr. Ricardo Tosto works tirelessly to build a good relationship with each client, and works hard to provide them with quick, reliable legal services.

Nathaniel Ru Healthy Food And Great Taste

The success of Sweetgreen is something that has taken a long time to achieve. For one thing, there were obstacles that the founders had to face. One of the obstacles that they had to face was persuading a landlord to give them a chance with their new plan for a restaurant. Nathaniel and his friends have found a place that they wanted to use for the company. They have found that the landlord of the apartment building is the same landlord that is renting the place that they are staying in. They have tried to explain their concept for a while before she has finally decided to meet them in person.


After the meet up, they have finally begun to set up shop. One thing that could be said for these people is that they are very passionate about what they are doing. If the landlord didn’t see that, then someone else would. They had pages of business plans with one of them dealing with finances. Someone finally got behind them on the work they were doing. Eventually, Sweetgreen was born and it has proven to be such a success that it has been growing for six years.


The success of Sweetgreen has started with a vision. They have seen that there is a problem in the fast food market where there is hardly any place that is dedicated to truly healthy food. This is one of the inspirations behind the development of Sweetgreen. Not only was there a lack of healthy fast food, there was also a market for this type of establishment. There are a ton of people that are very happy that there is fast food that serves salads and other healthier recipes.


One thing that Nathaniel Ru does is help the community improve a lot in their health. People will have healthier bodies. As a result, their minds will also be healthier. They will be able to focus on what they need to get done so that they will be able to enjoy a more fulfilling life. Sweetgreen is definitely one of the best ways to a fulfilling life.


The role that IAP has played in the creation of Afghanistan’s Air Control Systems

IAP, which has been in operations for close to six decades now, is a premier contractor for the government. They are tasked with the responsibility of providing a variety of services to the federal community. IAp offer contingency, procurement support and also logistics. The company’s headquarters are located in Cape Canaveral Florida and have project sites in over 50 other locations from all over the world.

The company has been expanding their reach to different part of the world and taking part in other projects besides the government projects on Recently, they completed a project that allows the Afghanistan to take back control over their airways. The Kabul center was opened in July and it provides non radar and radio instrument flight rule. The center also offers visual flights over a specific area.

The success of the project was partially because of the air force contract augmentation program. With the program on Hoovers, the US government has partnered with the private firm to come up with the air control base. In addition to the creation, they will be dealing with installation and maintenance of communication equipment. The project was carried out with the assistance of subcontractors such as Mantech Communications and ATC communications.

All projects that are undertaken by IAP are normally successful due to a number of factors. Their track record in service delivery is so excellent that they have been contracted by the federal government time and again to assist with programs such as emergency extractions and others. Though Afghanistan is still very volatile, the team on have taken their time and taken the risks to deliver superior quality services to their clients. This shows their commitment to quality service delivery.

The company, which still has some workers in Kabul to make sure that the project is running well stated that the project didn’t come without its own set of challenges at One of these challenges is congestion because the air route is close to the flight path that is normally taken by planes traveling between Europe and South East Asia. The other challenge was the fact that due to the long war that has been going on, most of the infrastructure, include the airways, wasn’t working as it should.

IAP Worldwide takes a lot of pride in being associated with the progress. They state that this is just one of the many great programs that they have for civilians and which are meant to improve their global outreach.

Recent information on Securus Technologies exposing GTL for their misconduct

Securus Technologies has for a long time been known as a leader and a top company in the criminal justice and civil technology. The communication facility recently stated that they are going to release a series of information that should highlight the unethical behavior of their competitor company Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies has decided to expose multiple wrongdoings in a series of press releases. Securus will release other information about GTL over the next six months. The information presented is set to put a shame to GTL for its unethical behavior in how they conduct their business.


The recent information on GTL’s misconduct was in the way they worked with the Louisiana Department of Correction to provide phone services to inmates. During this time, records show that GTL adjusted the phones so that they could have extra seconds of durations for each call. The result was that anyone using the phone had to pay more for a short duration. Securus went ahead to accuse GTL of programming their mobile devices so that their rates are higher than that required by the law.


I find that GTL’s inflation of its call is a showcase of the nature of greed, fraud, and corruption in the company. It inflated the calls to get more cash from helpless inmates that wanted to talk to their family. The report goes to indicate that the kind of misconduct was not anything that happened by mistake. Company technicians tampered with telephone devices in a bid to get more cash. Lousiana taxpayers and people that have used the line have spent a significant amount of money with the overcharges.


While GTL is continually growing to be a dishonest company, Securus Technologies continues to offer the best services in the communication industry. Securus Technologies had to expose GTL for the wrongdoings and make things right in the correction industry.

A Latin American Real Estate Giant

Real Estate is normally an industrial field that has difficulty in finding a balance between financial calculations and worth of property. The market is known for its ability to wane and wean over a short period of time, with the housing market crash of 2008 a direct example. It is important to real estate companies to have a general idea of what they can expect for gains and losses to their corporate structure, and Davos Real Estate is no different in these areas of need. In order to try and fight these issues David Osio, the founder and CEO of Davos Real Estate, has assisted in the development of an interesting program that accurately calculates differences in profit margins with how the market is currently operating, allowing for more ease in staying ahead of the game.

David Osio is an interesting business man who can thank much of his success on his rich cultural heritage. Osio is originally from Venezuela, meaning that he brings to the table a unique and powerful perspective to the real estate industry. Originally majoring in Law, Osio has a broad understanding in how international relations work between Latin America and the United States and uses these skills to help him progress within the real estate market.

Osio focuses his attention on the Latin American population in the United States, which is an often times ignored aspect of consumerism and an untapped resource to the housing market. Davos Real Estate attempts to by;pass these borders of diversity by making Latin Americans their primary customer base, giving them access to information and opportunities that they are rarely given outside of the company structure.

With the new implementation of this reliable advancement in financial technology Osio and Davos Real Estate can successfully bring more satisfaction to their customers, who already identify Osio and his company as powerful advocates to the Latin American community. They give a voice to the Latin American citizens of this great country and will continue to offer this high level of support for many more years to come. This is wonderful news for not only the people that the company supports but for David Osio himself, who not only envisions the future as a way to increase his profit margins but as a way that he as a Latin American man can better serve his people. These are great times in globalization.

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The Millennial’s Lip Balm

Lip balm doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you’d expect millennials to make much of an impact. There are plenty of examples of millennials changing the way entertainment and business is done in this country but something as simple as lip balm seems odd. Nevertheless millennials are changing the lip balm market with the brand Evolution Of Smooth. Thanks to young adults EOS is now the second most popular brand of lip balm on eBay. The growth of EOS is so great it is actually driving the over all growth of lip balm sales in general.

The appeal of Evolution Of Smooth isn’t surprising when you look at the fine details. EOS lip balm is highly conscious of environmental issues and trends. All ingredients used are natural reflecting millennials concerns about the use of synthetic ingredients. The company maintains a strong social media presence with Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts to help spread awareness of the brand. Evolution of Smooth has even called upon celebrities to bring even greater awareness of the brand. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have both put this lip balm on their lips to give the brand some star power.

The future of EOS is looking up. The company has an almost entirely automated production pipeline and seeks out new business ventures constantly. There is now an Evolution of Smooth shaving cream on store shelves and new flavors of lip balm in production. With this level of ambition Evolution of Smooth might just evolve into something greater. Visit to learn more.

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What Is All The Rave About FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is something new that’s bringing mobile services to regular users in ways that others have not yet. It’s the first of its kind free mobile phone and internet service. Well, no it isn’t totally free but it does have limited data plans for those who only need limited cell phone and internet use. Traditionally, getting signed up with a mobile carrier has involved too many costs that have been frustrating for regular users. For example, beyond just purchasing a new phone and signing up for a $50-70 a month plan, there’s usually hidden activation and connection fees, and users are locked in a 6-month or 1-year contract that costs money to terminate if they’re dissatisfied. There have been other new mobile providers that have come out with alternatives to this, but in this FreedomPop review there are some features that even other alternatives don’t offer.

The Free and Paid Cell Services

Cell phones can be bought at FreedomPop’s website, or if you have a phone that’s compatible with Sprint’s network and qualifies for FreedomPop’s “bring your own device” program, you can switch it over to a FreedomPop plan. The free cell plan allows users to access 200 minutes of call time, and 500 MB for texting and online services. This is all available in Sprint coverage areas. You do have to be aware of extra charges that can be given to you once you hit 100 MB of data left if you don’t turn off the “automatic top-off” option. Any additional charges cost $0.02 per MB.

If you want unlimited everything through Wi-Fi hotspots, you can pay a flat $5 per month to use your phone in any area that you can connect to Wi-Fi internet. It’s not a bad option if you live in the city and spend most of your time in a Wi-Fi area, but not good for those who travel frequently. There’s a $10.99 per month plan similar to the free plan, except it has unlimited talking and texting time with the 500 MB of data. For $20 a month there’s an unlimited plan, but once you use over 1 GB of data you’ll be moved from 4G to 3G speeds.

Internet Services

FreedomPop also offers home internet with similar options to their mobile phone plans to users. There’s a free plan and a pro plan that both use 500 MB per month, but the free plan is 4G only while the pro plan is 3G and 4G. You can also get a 2 GB data plan for $20 per month, but you do get charged $0.015 for each MB of data you use after that.