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Makeup and Beauty NewsHair Brushing Is Essential For Growth

Just about everyone has heard those old wives tales about brushing the hair. They firmly believe that daily brushing makes the hair grow faster. However, some beauty and hair experts believe that daily brushing damages the hair and might cause split ends. An article that appeared in a magazine claimed that brushing the hair in a certain way would make the hair grow faster. The magazine reported that one woman decided that she was going to test this theory concerning a way to boost the hair growing rate.

Boar Brushes
Of course, there were a few stipulations involved. The faster hair growth rate was attributed to using a boar brush. The fact is that most people do not use a boar brush. Boar brushes are a bit more expensive than the brushes that are available in the beauty supply stores or the corner drug store. However, they are thought to be gentler on the hair. Boar brushes gently distribute the natural hair oils along the hair shaft, stimulate the scalp, and produce a faster hair growth rate. At least, this is the theory. After two weeks, the woman truly believed that her hair did grow faster. One hair stylist believes that brushing the hair is a good practice. The scalp requires regular stimulation to keep the scalp healthy. However, it is best to avoid metal or wire brushes because they damage the hair.

About Wengie
Wengie is a Australian-Chinese beauty guru that shares plenty of tips and tutorials on hair, makeup, beauty, and fashion with her millions of followers. Wengie has been a fixture on YouTube for a few years. The Surprising fact is that the young woman left a high profile marketing career to enter the social media world. Her Wonderful World of Wengie Channel is a major success on YouTube. Wengie has attracted a million followers that look forward to her beauty tips and tutorials.

Wengie believes the key to her channels great popularity is her belief in making sure that her followers have the best experience possible. In addition, she believes in offering people, lots of new information and producing high quality videos.

Why FreedomPop Has Emerged As The Number One Communications Services Provider In The Market.

The American communication market is filled with numerous service providers. The competition in this market is very high. One firm has been able to beat all the efforts of its competitors by introducing services and products that are customer minded. This firm is FreedomPop, which was founded in 2011.

FreedomPop is among the top best internet, talk and SMS services providers and has its headquarters’ in Los Angeles, California. This firm was founded by Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols, who went ahead to be chief executive officer. FreedomPop partners with Mangrove Capital, DCM Capital and Partech Ventures in its market operations. It also utilizes technology from Intel, Atomico and Axiata to provide its communication services. Financially this firm has raised more than $109 million with $50 million Series C having been raised at the beginning of 2016.

In a recent interview with journalist Kavit Majithia, Nicholas Constantinopoulos a top executive at FreedomPop went ahead to reveal some of the top products and services that this firm provides in the communication industry. Constantinopoulos said that the firm currently offers free data to all its clients.This enables its clients to enjoy free internet services wherever they are. This firm also sells to its client’s mobile phones and tablets at a very discounted price. This is to enable their clients to easily stay connected. FreedomPop also offers top quality broadband devices that are cheap and offer flexible services to its clients. This allows their clients to access the internet on their broadband devices with worrying about the cost.

This SIM card can be used internationally in over 25 countries. The owners of this new sim card will also be able to browse the internet at no cost with extensive free data services this SIM card offers. The global SIM card has put FreedomPop in a much-admired position in the communications sector. Furthermore, this firm has reduced its communication costs. Now their clients can cheaply and affordably talk more and SMS more.

Watch this FreedomPop review

Stephen Murray Was A Major Force In The Investment Banking World

Investing banking is one of the nation’s most important professions. People from around the world turn to investment bankers for help with all kinds of important tasks. A business owner may consult with an investment banker on to find out how to get funds to help them expand their existing operations overseas. A business owner with a brand new idea for a business can turn to an investment banker for help in getting the idea they have off the ground. They know they can turn to trusted members of this profession to help them find the kind of help they need to get financing.

Stephen Murray Offered Expert Advice

One major capitalist in this field is the late Stephen P. Murray. Steve Murray was one of the most respected of all those in this field. He was instrumental in founding an organization that has become known as CCPM Capital. CCPM Capital today is the world’s seventeenth largest capital management firms and one of the world’s most respected. Steve Murray was a visionary who knew he could be of help in creating this organization for those who need help in growing their capital or seeking sources of funding to create even more wealth in the world.

The Chief Operating Officer

Steve Murray was known for his hands on operation of the world of capital markets. This is why he knew that Steve Murray could help shape the company from an arm a bank to one that would allow the company to expand into new markets all over the world as well as offering banking services.

His Sad Passing

Many of his associates and leaders in the field of private equity were highly saddened to hear of his passing. Steve Murray was only fifty-two when he unexpectedly passed away, leaving the firm he had helped to found without his close supervision and guidance. Those who worked with him directly wish to help honor his memory and his devotion to the world of investment banking. To that end, they are determined to help bring his firm into the next century with the use of new and highly innovative techniques that will continue to provide wonderful fiscal help.

How To Reach People Using Wikipedia

Using The Wikipedia Writing Company Get Your Wiki For Your Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a very large online encyclopedia, and it is used by numerous people every day. It contains a vast amount of information on many thousands of subjects. Furthermore, Wikipedia page creation can be done by anyone. This makes it possible to harness the advertisement power of Wikipedia for yourself. If you own a business, this can lead to increased profits. If you are spearheading a cause, it can attract more people to your cause. It also is possible to learn how to create a Wikipedia page in a variety of different languages. Although there are many Wikipedia pages that do not exist in enough languages to reach a maximal number of people, this is a problem that can be effectively solved. In fact, there is work being done to solve this problem.

A research study discovered that Wikipedia pages primarily exist in English. Some Wikipedia pages are written in non-English languages, but this is significantly less common. This study listed Wikipedia pages and made note of their language. Unsurprisingly, very large differences were found between the languages. Of course, the researchers saw this is an important problem to be solved. They got right on solving it.

It is possible for you to get professionally written Wikipedia pages for your cause. To do this, simply hire a Wikipedia writer from Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a directory that can bring you to professional Wikipedia editors for hire, and they can write your page for you. The professional writers quickly will give quotes to those that request them. The prices of the writers at Get Your Wiki tend to be quite affordable. In addition to having affordable prices, the quality of the work they do is extremely good. 

Get Your Wiki really prides itself in the ease of using the service. In fact, it is far easier than most directories on the web. If you punch in a very small amount of information, Get Your Wiki gives you access to quotes for hiring Wiki writers from their service. They are very expedient in getting back to you. They also have a very large number of writes available. This can give you a broad selection to choose from. Get Your Wiki can also ensure that your page is in the right languages to reach a large number of people. 

Jennifer Walden Speaks Out For Women’s Right To Proceed With Vaginal Surgery

Austin Texas welcomes back one of their own. Jennifer Walden, Plastic Surgeon is one of the top surgeons in America. She spent time working and growing in New York. She helped other doctors as well as herself. Jennifer is a beautiful woman that appears on talk shows and in magazines. She discusses topics such as plastic surgery, wrinkles, botox, and now female surgeries. Jennifer has twin boys and loves spending time with them in her hometown of Austin. She now has her own surgical office and a satellite office as well.

Women are always worrying about their appearance and the way their bodies look. They spend hours at gyms, hours dieting, and much more time shopping for clothes that enhance their appearance. Some people call these women vain. These women are also worrying about their sexual appearance. While dating and with their spouses, women worry about the size and shape of their vagina. They worry so much that some of them put themselves through plastic surgery.

Some of the surgeries are causing controversial articles and unrealistic expectations about women and their vagina. In a recent article, Jennifer is debating the myths that go along with female genitalia. The shape of the vagina, the tightness of the area, and the reasons women want to have plastic surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation is important to women that are experiencing things like no pleasure during sex, or vaginal dryness. Plastic surgeons are helping by changing the shapes of the vagina and the female genitalia.

Jennifer Walden is making appearances on television on ABC and other talk shows. She is in a recent article in the American Airlines Magazine and appeared on Doctor 90210. She is well known in the medical community. Jennifer fights for what she believes in and women’s health is one of the things she believes highly in defending. Jennifer is one of the top surgeons in America and is listed on many of the tops surgeon lists.


Chaz & Wen: A 7 Day Unbiased Experiment

Chaz Dean is known as the hairstylist to the stars and for his revolutionary haircare products called WEN. But people who have not had the pleasure to use his products are wondering what all the hype is around his products.
Who Is Chaz Dean?

Chaz Dean is the kind of beauty consultant that most people would want in his or her corner at all times. Dean’s eye–from the very beginning–was able to see people’s potential without batting an eye.

Chaz was not the type of young boy who looked up at the stars and believed there was no way to reach them. He, at a very young age, started to pay attention to people like Vidal Sassoon or Oribe. It was his natural talent and big dreams that got him to where he is today. And it is Chaz’s nature to want to share what he knows, which made him create Wen.

A Person Gives Wen A Shot

An article on Bustle detailed the experience one person had with Chaz Dean’s Wen products. The experience was only seven days, but many things happened in those few days.

One of the things that attracted this hair enthusiast to Wen’s products is that they were relatively cheap. And the all-in-one product covered all of her needs. She was also intrigued by the claim that WEN’s products were good for any hair texture.

This young woman has tried everything to add a little more bounce and shine to her hair, which is thin. And, on that first day, her hair looked a lot bouncier and shinier. The young hair enthusiast did not like that she had to use 16 to 24 pumps of Wen.

But her strange greasy reaction stopped after 2 days of using the product, and all those claims that sounded too good to be true turned out to be true. Wen is available on ebay (

Busy Summer Ahead for Dick DeVos

A humble Dick DeVos has reasons to celebrate after winning the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup, according to Sailing Scutterbutt. In reacting to his victory, Dick said that he and his team did some of the best sailing of their lives. He is now looking forward to moving on to Newport where the United States National competition will be held from August 19 to 21 and the World championship from September 29 to October 2.

So proud of our team on Volpe! It’s humbling to have sailed with so many talented and formidable teams this weekend at the Melges 32 Blue Water Series. Congratulations to all who participated!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, April 4, 2016

Meanwhile, Dick has plenty of other things to keep him busy. One of those things is the operation of Amway in over 50 countries. The company sells a variety of products including air purifiers, dietary supplements, electronics, insurance, home care products, jewelry, personal care products, water purifiers and cosmetics. Additionally, Dick DeVos will be kept busy operating the Windquest group that owns a variety of businesses including Boxed Water, Neurocore, Stow Company and Next Step Living.

This international competition takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the end of September and early October every year. Contestants from around the world can enter their art with the public choosing the top five entries. In addition to the competition, visitors to the event are encouraged to participate in a variety of hands on activities often led by professionals. While some of the activities are aimed by adults, many of the ArtPrize activities are targeted to get children interested in art or for families to have great fun together. DeVos also donates quite a bit of funding to conservative causes.

Dick will also be busy helping West Michigan Aviation Charter School which he helps fund. By attending this school, students can start their career in aviation while working toward science, technology, engineering and math objectives. The graduates of this school are highly sought after by colleges who know these students have a strong academic background that allows them to succeed in college.

While much of Dick’s time will be spent with these two groups, along with training for future sailing events, they are not the only charities that Dick DeVos supports through his Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Regardless of where Dick DeVos roams, people can be sure that he portrays the values that he wrote about in his Rediscovering American Values book.

To learn more about his career, check out Dick DeVos on LinkedIn.

Spanish Police Have Their Eyes On Venezuela

The Venezuelan government is currently under an investigation being conducted by police in Spain concerned with the country’s alleged involvement with Podemos, the leftist Spanish political party. The investigation suggests that Venezuela may have given money to Podemos, one of the largest powers in the Spain’s parliament today. The allegation is rooted in the discovery of a document featuring the signature of Rafeal Isea, the former finance leader of Venezuela. The paper suggests the possibility that the Center of Political and Social Studies Foundation received a donation of seven million euros from the government to go towards pushing the Bolivarian movement across the pond. At the moment, Danilo Diaz Granados read an article stating that the economic and tax crime section of the Spanish police are embroiled with an investigation into the possible illegality of Podemos’ financing. Still, Podemos denies receiving any illegal funding via the government of Venezuela in addition to Iran, and claim the contributions they have received are legitimate and that they are totally transparent, with nothing to hide.