The Elite Image Behind Magnises Was Created By Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland is just 25 years old and has achieve a level of success most people can only dream of. Back in 2013 he founded the company Magnises, which focuses on providing a greater experience to wealthy millennials of the current generation. Magnises also offers a black card to its members, which offers them exclusive discounts at many different places around New York City and Washington DC.

Not only this, but the black card allows them to take part in special events, rewards, and even getaways for vacation. Individuals with an active social life will get the best experiences life has to offer by using Magnises black card, which will be coming to new cities in the near future.

Billy McFarland went to college to hone his abilities and gain more knowledge, but after not too long, he decided to drop out to follow his business opportunities and take advantage of the success his company Spling had achieved. Spling, which is an online advertising company, was founded during Billy’s time in college, which ultimately persuaded him to get into business once the company really took off.

The idea for Magnises and the black card came to Billy and his friends during one of their business discutions, where Billy was trying to find a way to appeal to wealthy individuals of the generation.

Billy McFarland followed on a similar idea to credit card rewards and perks and took them to the next level with the Magnises black card, which offers some of the best discounts, perks and exclusive access to events throughout its locations.

Magnises black card even allows individuals to link their bank accounts with the card, so they can use it at all locations to gain points and rewards as well as take part in year round discounts.

Thanks to the huge success Magnises has managed to obtain in a relatively short period of time, Billy has already been planning for expansions into new areas to bring these exclusive perks to more of the generations millennials.

4 Way Nathaniel Ru Is Changing Fast Food

The SweetGreen Story

Fast food is usually consider something we eat in spite of the potential impact it might have on our health. We chow down on fries, cheeseburgers, and pizzas no matter how salty or greasy they are. There was clearly a need and a want for something better, but no one was stepping up. This is when Nathaniel Ru came up with the idea of Sweetgreen. Focusing on healthy foods, Sweetgreen is a shining example of how to revolutionize the fast food industry.


The Green Revolution

Sweetgreen is a restaurant centered around salads and health. There are no burgers or hotdogs on the menu, but the customers are perfectly happy with this. Additionally, the menu is seasonally based, which means different dishes are offered at different times of the year. This not only keeps things refreshing, it also gives Sweetgreen the distinction of supporting its farmers. When fast food joints demand certain crops year round, farmers have to go out of their way to provide those specific vegetables for them. This can have serious consequences for environment and for the livelihood of the farmers.


The Millennial Touch

Nathaniel Ru is a Millennial and Sweetgreen is undeniably a Millennial restaurant. Even the way customers order their food is distinctively trendy. Thanks to the Sweetgreen app and website customers can order food online and simply pick it up when the food is ready. Adding to the Millennial touch is the star talent Sweetgreen deploys. Some items on the menu are actually named after and created by popular Millennial musicians. For example, there is a Kendrick Lamar themed salad called Don’t Kale My Vibe. Millennials want a restaurant that reflects their interest and culture. Nathaniel Ru understands that and delivers in strides.


Numbers Don’t Lie

The success of Sweetgreen is simply amazing. The restaurant has received nearly $100 million in funding from some of the biggest investors around. It currently has franchises opened in 40 locations across America. For his first effort at business, Nathaniel Ru is an amazing success. Most people do not see this level of success for the first business they open, but he has managed to pull it off. The restaurant business is a fairly stubborn one. When new ideas are tossed around investors tend to turn the other way. For this, Sweetgreen proudly stands out in a crowd of grease as a refreshing healthy alternative.


Fabletics Is Beating The Amazon Game

Many retailers today are struggling, and it is all boiling down to not being able to provide a customer experience that is relevant enough to today’s market. For today’s customer everything is all about value. They want the best value that they can get, no matter what. “Showrooming” is killing a lot of business. The value conscious customer will use a store’s physical location to check out a product in person, trying on the product to see how it looks, feels and fits. Once they have put the product through a thorough evaluation, they will surf online to see where they can find the product for the cheapest price.


Many fashion retailers are suffering loss of business through showrooming customers and the businesses who are surviving are catering to that customer, providing an online shop that gives them everything they need with a retail space that acts as a supplemental shop and an introduction to their online experience. One company who is doing this extraordinarily well is Fabletics. Fabletics started as an online retailer and gives their customer all the things the “new” customer looks for. Attractive memberships that ease the process of shopping, up to date and on trend options, affordable pricing that beats out other competitors draw in the online customer and keep them there each month.


The new showrooms that have opened in lieu of online success are localized shops that cater to the customer based on accumulated web data. Stores are stocked with merchandise that can be tracked to the likes and dislikes of the most local customers, ensuring customer satisfaction based on real time data. With a focus on customer satisfaction, there are new offerings made available and small test runs and tweaks always in process to see how to best satisfy the customer. Fabletics is about being a lifestyle brand and they like to deliver their customers a more complete lifestyle experience by streamlining what the customers want, encouraging their online members to try the activewear in stores, and giving them a way to sign up for the online membership in stores.


Fabletics is winning the Amazon in many ways including their reverse showrooming technique, but they start at square one by offering their customers a lower priced array of activewear that customers would truly have to shop around for to beat. Being a member lowers the customer’s price for the clothes, encouraging a monthly purchase. The fashion survey that VIP members take at the beginning of their membership queries their style preference and what kind of workouts they do. This allows the site to pull custom picks for them, and to design newer product for online and in the store that would already appeal to them based on their previous preferences. This is truly a “stylist” service that is coming very close to custom wear. The customers don’t have to think twice about shopping for their fitness wardrobe, as their custom picks are delivered right to their door, making more time for workouts.

No Rest for the Weary

There is more legal entanglement involving former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson, and the former general manager of the team Danny Ferry. Levenson has filed suit against the insurance company known as AIG. He is claiming breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The suit does not include the basketball team’s current ownership group which is headed by Tony Ressler.

AHBE, the Atlanta Hawks previous ownership group, charges that AIG did not acknowledge a policy that was triggered during the handling of the Ferry case. Accusations of breach of contract stem from Levenson not believing that all liabilities were covered during the negotiation process.

Levenson hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle to help sell the team, hoping to get a 1 billion dollar value from his investment. The team would eventually go to Tony Ressler for the price of 730 million. The present Hawks ownership group claims no involvement in the case between the former ownership team and AIG. Bruce Levenson has not looked to hold anyone currently with the team’s front office accountable for any wrongdoing.

AHBE is seeking various forms of compensation, including lawyer fees to cover the cost of litigation throughout the process. AIG has yet to comment on these allegations.

For more details, visit Bruce Levenson’s Wikipedia page and personal website @

Focus on Cotemar’s History and Services

Cotemar refers to a fully Mexican company based in the oil and gas industry. It offers various services that include maintenance and construction services, development of offshore oil fields and services like transport of supplies and personnel by special vessels, catering and accommodation. Cotemar has over 37 years of relevant experience in offering services to the Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).


Cotemar was founded back in 1979 to operate as a service company in the energy sector. It has since grown to become a top offshore services provider in Mexico’s oil and gas industry. Cotemar S.A. de C.V. established itself as a company that provides services strategically in two lines: Catering and accommodation, and special vessels operating in the Campeche Bay. Cotemar acquired the first vessels that are specialized in personnel transportation, maintenance and dive. In 1981, the company strengthened its position as a leader in the market by adding specialized vessels to its fleet for personnel and materials transport. In 1985, the company acquired it’s first-ever rig that provides food as well as accommodation services.


Cotemar has been providing services to Petroleos Mexicanos using its specialized vessels and in offshore oilfields to provide quality and safe services that will meet the expectations and needs of customers. The company offers services through three tactical divisions that integrate services that are highly specialized to match the different market segments. These are specialized maritime vessels services, accommodation and catering and construction, maintenance, modernization and engineering. Cotemar is constantly changing to expand its services throughout the oil industry chain value. It integrates process equipment and relies on highly skilled employees to ensure a high performing business model.

Construction and Maintenance

Cotemar focuses on innovating and modernizing processing centers and offshore rigs for its customers. It offers services from prefabrication and installation to commissioning operation. It is supported by dynamic positioning of semi-submersible rigs that are capable of moving quickly and in a timely manner from one oil field to the next.

Specialized Maritime Vessels Services

Specialized vessels in the company are used to transport lightweight materials, nourishment and personnel. The company has barges boats, vessels to fight fire and towing vessels capable of hauling large structures. Cotemar’s vessels are duly inspected and monitored to satisfy the highest standards in order to guarantee the safety of the people onboard.

Accommodation and Catering
Cotemar operates rigs and vessels that offer offshore catering and accommodation. It offers services that include laundry services, nourishment, bedding and cleaning of the common areas.


Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Handy is a great real-life example of how the tortoise won out over the hare. In years past, it was the hare’s race to lose with over-spending for the sake of quick profits being the norm. But with funds drying up it was time for all participants to re-think their strategy, which Handy did a good job of doing. Yes, accumulating a customer base is vitally important, but a customer base does no good if the money spent to acquire it outpaces the profits realized from it. No company will succeed without making a profit, so shifted gears. It had to in order to survive a very competitive business race where everyone else was shifting from growth to profits.

The slow and steady process of taking a customer base and focusing on the profits to be made from it has proven to be a good strategy for Handy. It wasn’t without the occasional pitfall though, but the owners were determined to make this work. They were not the first in their field of business to do this, but their innovative business ideas coupled with patience has proven to be a winning formula for this on-demand cleaning service. The confidence in their abilities didn’t hurt either, and now they are leading the pack of other businesses such as theirs, and it is all due to their change in focus.


Why Is FreedomPop The Preferred Free Mobile Service?

FreedomPop has proven itself to be the finest of cell phone companies in the world. They are a company based on free service, and this FreedomPop review explains how their services expand as customers express their needs. The company adapts to what every customer needs, and they offer quite a lot of help for everyone in need.


#1: Why Are Free Phones At FreedomPop Important?


FreedomPop phones were released with free service as the company wished to offer every customer value along with a cell phone. It is quite difficult to pay for several phones in a family when the plan is simply too expensive. Users of the FreedomPop network will find the phones quite helpful, and they will pay much less for their service every day. There are several different phones to choose from, and each customer may align their needs with each phone.


#2: Pricing That Changes With Use


Pricing changes for customers as they use more data, call time or texts, and they may pay more for the privilege of using more. FreedomPop allows users to effectively pro-rate their use of the service, and every person who wishes to keep a cheap cell phone will find FreedomPop more useful than any other service. Planning for future use is quite simple as users check their data, and they may plan to pay more when needed.


#3: Where Is FreedomPop Available?


FreedomPop is available around the world where their networks are expanding every day. They have used their funding to expand their networks, and they wish to move beyond their releases in the United States and UK. It is quite important for every user to check their local area for coverage, and FreedomPop will check for a signal in the cell phone or wifi network.


#4: Wifi Boxes For Every Customer


The wifi system offered by FreedomPop is quite helpful as it provides a box the customer may carry with them around the world. The wifi box will create a signal that may reach computers and mobile devices near the box. It may cover an office, or it may be used to ensure workers around a diner table may complete their work.


FreedomPop has created a simple wifi and cell phone service that helps everyone stay connected. Connections made around the world through FreedomPop will remain true, and customers will spend far less money on their on their plans every month.

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Ignition Finance Makes Refinancing Your Car Easy

When buying a new car, most people are mostly focused on the car itself. They have usually spent a lot of time thinking about the make and model of the car that they want to buy. They also took the time to choose a car color that they can enjoy for years to come. Once they find the car of their dreams, they are in a hurry to buy the car and go cruising. In their excitement, people often rush through the details involved in their car purchase. One aspect often overlooked is financing. They take the dealers advice and go with his fast and easy no hassle finance plan and regret it later.


Car dealers are experts in human behavior. They are professional salesman who know how to read people. They no how to take advantage of an opportunity to make a sale. One of the things that a car dealer sells is financing. Few customers know that car dealers make a lot of money off of arranging auto financing. There are a lot of banks and lending institutions that are anxious to give car loans. These lending institutions are in fierce competition with each other to get the car dealers business. So, they offer incentives to encourage the dealers to use their banks for loans. The offer the car dealer a loan at a certain interest rate. The car dealer is free to add as many interest points to the loan as he wants to and keep this money as profit for himself. Unfortunately, the customer ends up paying for it all.


In many cases, months down the road a customer realizes that they are paying to much every month for their car. He may even find that these high car payments are affecting his lifestyle. Often, a consumer finds themselves in a position where they have to make sacrifices in other areas just to be able to afford to make their car payment. He often frantically says to himself “If I could just slash my payments things would be fine.” Fortunately, there is an easy solution to the problem: Refinance the car using the services of Ignition Financial.


Ignition is a company that specializes in auto refinancing. The will get their customer a new car loan at a lower interest rate. This will drastically reduce the monthly payments on the car and free up some extra money each month that their customer can spend on other things.


There Are Three Great Phone Services Listed In Most FreedomPop Reviews

It’s important to read an entire FreedomPop review, especially if the information in the review is important to the person who’s reading it. Most reviews list the services from FreedomPop as well as their prices, which are subject to change but have stayed steady over the years. Even the free cell phone service has stayed free of cost, even though some of the limits in the service have changed. Those who have chosen to get the free cell phone service will now be able to receive unlimited text messages, which is very different from the past limit of 500 text messages.


Unlimited texts makes it much easier for anyone to send text messages without a limit, but it is important that the data usage be observed because using data is how a text message are sent. Sending too many text messages with a data limit of 500 MB per month can easily make the user go over their limit, which means they will get an automatic top up charge of $10. Once a user of the free cell phone service has 100 MB of data left, the automatic top up occurs unless the user has turned off the feature.


Anyone who doesn’t currently have the automatic top up feature will be subject to a per megabyte fee for their data usage, which is great for some people, but other people may use a lot of data, which makes them subject to high fees for data usage at the end of the month. Taking advantage of any Wi-Fi service that’s available is the best way to supplement the data limit, or the user should consider completing FreedomPop offers to gain free data for their service. There are always paid plans from FreedomPop as well.


Choosing the paid plans that are listed in many reviews is a great choice for those who need more data, but the typical paid plan has unlimited talk and text, but there is still only 500 MB of data for $10.99 per month. To get unlimited data, one must pay for the unlimited everything plan that costs $19.99 per month and has 1 GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited 3G data speeds after all the 4G data has been used. Getting either of these paid plans can serve its purpose for any customer, even if they choose to also use Wi-Fi services on their phone.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches An Update Website

Title defects are increasingly becoming a setback in the real estate industry. This situation slows down the transfer of assets in the secondary market and leads to wrongful foreclosures. Title defects occur when a person claims property that is owned by someone else. Other factors that lead to title defects are wrong wordings as provided by the standards of real estate, omission of an important signature, failure to follow recording instructions and previous encumbrances. For this reason, Nationwide Title Clearing has made property records accessible via online ordering. These records include tax status report, tax status (plus) reports, current owner reports and the assignment verification reports. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) is a top research and document processing company that deals with mortgage and finance history.

John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, said that addressing the challenges faced by many people about property reports is vital. He asserted that the company has offered an easy and quick systematic process of accessing property reports. John added that the company’s property report services are acquired from actual land records and cover all residential properties nationwide. NTC gets its data from an automated human verification process. It is sourced from the counties and produces accurate results. This way, the company is able to serve the largest lenders in the United States. The online property report procedure is able to analyze the financial impact in case of multiple orders, which may not be needed by the end user. The company’s success comes from its deep commitment to satisfying the needs of its clients by offering them customized property reports. This information was originally reported on the National Mortgage News as provided in the link below 

About Nationwide Title Clearing
Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately owned company that offers post-closing services for residential mortgage industry. It was established in 1991 and is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is reputed for producing the most accurate research, document processes and audit services to mortgage lenders, residential mortgage services and investors in the U.S. NTC’s document services include lien release and assignments, final document tracking, property reports, document retrieval, land records research among other custom business services.

Recently, NTC announced that it would open a new location in Dallas, Texas. The new office, which will include a data center, will be a full disaster recovery location for all data, infrastructure and staffing. Apart from its role of disaster recovery and business continuity, the new office will host the staff responsible for the firm’s data entry, file audit and online research. The company’s success has greatly influenced the region of Palm Harbor, which has led to multiple recognition. NTC has received many awards for its active involvement in community-based activities. The corporation intends to bring the same effect in the Midwest. This information was originally mentioned on Bloomberg as explicated in the following link